Love is a noun, preposition, verb, adverb, and any other part of speech. Love is not only a feeling, thought, and action. It is also a place. People think of heaven in an abstract way. But heaven is made from the atoms of love and how we personally relate to the experiences of love that we have embraced.

Every experience is loving from a vantage point of gratitude. Even the most sinister experience gives the viewer compassion for those who have walked among them and bumped into them. Love is the conduit that draws each exhale of breath to be purified in nature and returned to sustain the body of another.

Each experience that tries the weary defensive body, tempers the soul to a pliable state. Love is the the collagen of our essence, giving us each resiliency to walk amongst others with a dignity and grace.

Love not only creates a tempered open heart. Love is emitted in the very atoms that surrounds us. Love creates a home for us to dwell in in the intangible realms. Love is the building blocks of our reality. Anyone who exudes love, knows heaven because they create it with their kindness and intentions.

Heaven needs no label. The love we exude innately knows how to formulate itself into a realm where we exist after we break free of our physical body. Anyone who is capable of love will know heaven after they leave the vibration of earth. For we all perpetuate our state of grace, from our pure actions, thoughts and intentions we nurture in the now.

If you know one who is pure of heart and has loved in any small way, know they know heaven. Because they have exuded a bit of heaven here on earth and have shown their hand. The same love that they have graced others with is the exacting amount of peace and love they shall experience when they cross.

Let this be known. We weave the heaven of our making as we are here and now. Fear is the distraction from our loom. Love more, fear less, and you will know heaven now as you will know it when you relinquish this physical realm. Be love and you will walk in love. Now and forever.

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