There is an innate belief system that prevents people from gaining their potential. It is the fear of failing or reaching a dead end. It is not possible. Life always forges ahead. You are an eternal being. You have existed beyond all time. You are an expression of light, love and sound that took form and will always exist. Any failure that you ever met has been temporary. Your existence in this moment is evident of that.

When you were pressed into form, you took on some of the qualities of form. They have permeated your belief system and cause you to create less freedom for yourself. The more you identify with form and less with Light, Love and Sound, the more limitations you create for yourself.

Life s a big experiment. We have all learned to play it small and identify so much with form that we believe we ARE this compilation of chemicals from the earth. But what inspires our passion? What fuels our soul? What awakens our memory of ourselves as infinite omnipotent beings? It is feeding ourselves with what is our source.

Physical food is necessary as fuel for the physical body. Nurturing is important to the emotional or astral body. Mental acuity is important for the mental body. So Light, Love and Sound is important for the spiritual body; or soul. That is why being a Light worker is the soul’s equivalent of being a farmer.

Our human spirit needs sustenance to feed the soul. Love, Light and celestial music are the breath of the ethereal self. Those who strive, heal, teach and inspire others are creating fodder for the spiritual self. When one is immersed in fear, regrets, problems. unworthiness and doubt, they are starving their own soul.

That should be a reassurance to those who dream, strive, break through resistance, love beyond any confines, and give without any fear of being diminished for doing so. The process of distributing kindness is a tangible form of feeding the intangible soul. So many people are starving because they don’t realize that they need to give to “eat” as a spiritual being.

When people brag about being a Lightworker, as subtle as it is, I wonder why are they so proud of feeding themselves? Doesn’t everyone have to feed their soul? Giving is a form of eating in the spiritual worlds. There are so many souls starving of nutrients. Teaching them to partake in love and kindness is a means of teaching them to nourish their soul. It nourishes ourselves as well.

So really the only form of failure is believing in failing. The only real death is forgoing to strive out of fear of failing; which is a form of death. Death is a stagnant energy. Many people who are breathing on earth are dead because they are afraid to do anything out of fear of a physical death. This puts them in an energetic catatonic state. They are already dead.

Those of us who love others, ignore their shortcomings, inspire the greatness in them, encourage dreams, forge a path for them to be empowered, heal their hearts and teach them to discern with their minds, are bringing the spiritual dead back to life. It is not enough to show up once a week and declare your loyalty to a pie in the sky deity. One has to show up every moment; confident and kind, courageous and vulnerable, empowered and flawed; to the task of pouring kindness and virtue back into this world.

Judging others creates a paralysis. This stuns the spirit and clips ones wings. It doesn’t do much for the one being judged either.The more we lead with kindness, open our hearts and refute the inevitable illusion of gloom that is literally in our drinking water, then we can revive a legion of angels and awaken the masses.

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