I am still recovering from the Honoring Gaia retreat from last weekend. It was a success. Each attendee comes with a stubborn set of deal breakers that define who they are. But these deal breakers get in the way of the accepting more Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and even wholeness in their life.

I put all of myself into everyone at the retreat. I remove their blind spots in every facet of their life. As we interact, they show up in their verbiage of self derogatory comments, anger in their humor, and unworthiness. I see the people who attend as surrogates for humanity and set out the intention to uplift all through those that attend

Diminishing one’s own Light is a common programming that is easy to overlook Don’t be too hard on yourself. The impulse to attack at the corrections also is huge. People have layers and layers of these blind spots and it is very rewarding for them to get past them. That is what I do for them in a retreat.

That is how to gain one’s own Joy, Love Abundance and Freedom. Because the truth of the matter is, if someone doesn’t have all these things, it is not because they are being punished and are unworthy. It is because they have been conditioned to push them away..

We all have that capacity to Master our worlds and ourselves. There is a reverence in seeing it unfold for others and being a part of it in some way. We are not all one, as we are taught. We are all EVERYONE.

The next retreat is coming up in August. If you are looking around at the world and wishing you could make a difference, this retreat could be the thing to tap you into your own empowerment in a profound way. It will be amazing.

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