Please don’t tell me you are broke, sick, or tired.

When you tell others, you tell the Universe and neither me or the Universe see you that way.

Please don’t say “my pain” or “my diagnosis” and expect them to go away.

Once you name a puppy, it’s staying!

Please don’t take an imaginary gun to your head and blow your imaginary brains out. It isn’t funny.

It is mocking a horrific hell for many on both sides.

Did it happen in the past or are you setting it up to happen in the future?

Please don’t gossip about someone and justify it by saying, “It’s sad”

as if there was compassion for them in that word sad.

Please don’t say you will do something and then not follow through.

You are only diluting your own effectiveness. You are showing up to others as a ghost.

Please don’t waste energy convincing someone of what you aren’t going to do.

It is like saying F you to them.

Please don’t say what you don’t mean, we both know you don’t mean it so it creates a superficiality amongst us.

Please don’t throw around the word Love and then do unkind things.

Please don’t think that people more important than other forms of life.

When I see a bunch of trees cut down, I see genocide.

When I see lawn sprayed to kill all weeds and it kills all the moles and living creatures in the ground, I see genocide.

How can it stop happening in the world if it is still happening in our back yards.

Maybe it is not the act itself as much as the indifference that is so horrific.

It is funny that we are less watchful of people in power than the quirky individual who seems too expressive. And the sullen go unnoticed at all.

We all have so much to share and Love and express and to ignite from with in us. Lets stop snuffing out each others Joys, hopes, potential, expectations, realizations, fascinations and Dreams. Let’s ignite them instead.

Lets be the flint for someone else’s fire!

Let’s be the pluming of another ones Dreams.

Let use are support and enthusiasm as fodder for the greatness of others…

Selflessly, unabashedly and unafraid of what it looks like.

Lets stop allowing insanity to be the norm and caring what people think.

Lets live large and make kindness be the new black.

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