If you ….

…. plant a seed, you are a gardener

…. take a walk in the woods, you are a hiker

…. give good instruction, you are a teacher

…. beautify the world around you, you are an artist

…. are kind to others, you are a humanitarian

…. send out an inspired message in words, you are poet

…. move in expression of joy, you are a dancer

…. help others find the way, you are a leader

…. lighten anyone’s load, you are an inspiration

…. exist, you are an expansive expression of love

Don’t allow others to tell you who you are or to limit the expansiveness of your own depth. Labels may at one point have been helpful but now they are a glass ceiling, Rip them off like old embedded bandages. Don’t give much mind to the pulling. The vulnerability is the pink skin of your awakened awareness coming to fruition. It is seeing the light of awakening for the first time. All is well.

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