The difficulty with being raised in a stringent society is that there is no room to validate your inner experiences if they are not aligned or if they deviate from what is accepted or expected. This can be part of your spiritual lessons; to see if you are going to take a passive approach to life and believe what you are told or are you going to listen to the callings of your heart and believe what your gut is telling you?

It is easier to be brave on the battle field than it is to be true to yourself and listen to the whisperings of your inner spirit. Many people are unhappy because they stay with the wrong person (or belief) due to a sense of obligation. They feel guilt in regards to who they love and surrender themselves to at least one lifetime of complacency.  They become afraid of their own inner experiences when it comes to something as natural as attraction.

Here is another vantage point on sexual attraction. We in this society are so compartmentalized when it comes to attraction. We have to label ourselves heterosexual, gay, straight, cross gender and as having gender confusion.  I believe it is a step on the evolutionary scale to be gender confused. It means that you are looking at Love as an overview and not in the smaller context of the physical form.

We all have been male and female in many lives. Some of these lives have been happier than most. In some lifetimes, it has been painful to be female or male and so we avoid having that experience of being in that particular body, but still want the experience that comes with that particular sex. So we may pull through the experiences that are correlated with that sex in the opposite form.

For example, someone may have had tremendous experiences when they have been female. They may have been raped many times, humiliated and even have their children taken from their body. It is too painful to bear thinking of returning as female. But there may be some experiences that are needed to learn of the female energy. So they may choose to do this in the male form because it is safer. Who can judge that?

If we are sexually attracted to the same sex, we don’t need to react and compartmentalize who we are. It may be just us, tapping into a time when we were in the other sex and remembering an attraction we had from a past life and pulling it into this body. It is an opening up to more love not deviating from love. There is sweetness and purity there that is sullied by society. But that is what society does. It is our job to be strong enough to pull away from the herd and own our experiences.

The more we understand the play of life’s lessons the less we have to judge ourselves and others (or even worse, compartmentalize experiences and make them small or ugly). Love and attraction is a beautiful feeling. Who but one who is guilty or devoid of such things would wish to diminish the experience in others. My wish is for everyone to feel the freedom and expansiveness of divine love through their own individual path of self and interpersonal Love.

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