I am wondering if everyone understands the Expression, I AM that I am. It is a statement of defining one’s self as an individual, with one I AM is. Also defining one’s self in a perpetual state of being with the other “I AM”. It is defining one’s individuality and omniscience all at once. Then switching the I AM so that defining roles of the I AM is reversed. One is the alpha (the center) and one is the omega (the expansiveness). That is how someone is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and end all at once.

By doing this, one anchors themselves in the first I AM and sends themselves out in all directions into the Universe until they are back again at themselves. Then by doing it in reverse and sending one’s self out into the expansiveness of the Universe and then returning to the center with the second I AM, it creates an ebb and flow affect, like an ocean.

Jesus was giving an incredibly powerful and easy technique to those who understood. By repeating this statement over and over and switching the “I AM’s” intended definition from centered to expansive, one emulates an infinite ocean within themselves. They are declaring themselves an ocean of Love. This is a great technique to do all through the day to keep one in a perpetual state of Love and in the moment.

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