We are no different than caterpillars working towards our own spiritual evolution. One caterpillar doesn’t judge another for still being in the process of gorging on leaves ( greed, gossip or complaining). Some are resting and don’t look very productive. Another caterpillar wouldn’t judge them as lazy. Maybe they are in hibernation.

Some people and all caterpillars are so busy working on themselves that that is all they do. They are not resented by the other caterpillars. The caterpillars are too busy doing their thing, to worry about what the other pre-butterflies are doing.

It is only humans who waste their time, energy and the good will of others trying to get them on their own timetable. They get fearful of watching others climb to the precipice and flying off because they are afraid of the journey that they must take.

It is okay because both butterflies and human butterflies have compassion for every stage of the journey. In their own Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness, they have compassion for the process. Their own flight is the encouragement that they give to all.

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