We all start our first incarnations as pure Love.

But then things happened….

We got ignored,
we lost our way,
we felt abandoned,
Gravity happened and we fell down.
Then we started to trust the gravity more than the love.
We focused on appeasing the gravity…
rather than enjoying the freedom.
We started to look down so as not to fall.
Everyone started to look down.
Everyone agreed that gravity was the highest power. We forgot the Love.
It is programming and conditioning.
It is time to release all the pain and scars from past lives
and just embrace the Loving core we started out with.
Look up,
Look around,
See each other,
See the love in each other,
Validate the love in each other,
Release the pain in each other,
Remember the Love,
Remember who we are,
Remember our natural state,
Remember our home. Be the Love.
Be home to others unrest,
Welcome them in,
Melt the fear,
Embrace yourself in them.
See the Love in their eyes
See yourself
Recognize yourself

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