Just like Truth and Love resonate at similar frequencies, so do other things. Notice how those who complain a lot have a lot to complain about? That is because problems and complaints operate on the same frequency. So if you don’t want problems, change “your dial” on what you talk about.

Gratitude resonates well with appreciation. It doesn’t matter if it is genuine or manufactured. Your brain doesn’t take feelings into the equation when it is processing a command. The same way your computer doesn’t know when you are kidding. If you talk about positive things, your “search engine” will feed you more positive things.

Watching TV and playing video games incessantly resonate with apathy and indifference. That is why they are so effective in helping us unwind. They take us from a high level of functioning to turning off everything within us but the porch light. This is a nice escape once in awhile. But it is not the way to create productivity.

Energy is energy regardless of the form. It tends to seeks its own level. If you need a reason to explain to your kids as to why to pick up their clothes; here it is. The more you move the energy of your “things” around, the more you keep the energy of your life moving. That is why it is so productive to clean out a closet or a room when you are looking for a solution to a life issue. You are not only moving inanimate objects around, you are also moving your own subtle atoms of thoughts, feelings and experience around.

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