You miss a sense of belonging but can’t stand group settings.

You have looked everywhere for inspiration but have been disappointed.

You know you have greatness inside but shy away from expressing it.

You feel like you are missing out somehow in life but don’t know how.

The world seems crazy right now and you need a way to cope.

You get a sense of hopefulness from reading my posts.

You can connect with the truth you sense inside through what I write.

You feel more empowered from being on my page.

You are sick of everyone saying that they have the answer.

You have been to all different group events and they leave you feeling invalidated and exploited.

You get a sense of greater truth but aren’t sure where you learned it.

You are craving to live your purpose.

You know you are a healer but are surrounded by people to diminish you so you aren’t going to embrace it.

You notice everyone and everything without letting on.

You feel that you are here to do something great but don’t know what.

Everyone around you seems to be clueless to greater truths.

You feel the pain of others and it is excruciating.

You are depressed a lot because of the state of affairs of the world.

You love animals and nature more than people.

Your heart has been broken a billion times.

You feel too unworthy to charge for your work.

You give everything away for free.

You know you have a greater depth and want to understand it better.

You crave love and connectedness.

You cant stand to be in group dynamics.

You hate crowds.

You have trouble being vulnerable.

You hate polished performances.

You appreciate sincerity and organic interactions.

You get a inner nudge to attend.

You feel a connection to me or my work.

You wish to communicate with all life better.

You know I am going to be world renowned in the future and want to get to know me while you can.

You know you do healing but don’t know how.

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