Many people are being saved from horrible fates by using the protocol that I have been gifted by the Ancient Ones to assist Humanity in the upgrade of Awakening. A great way to prove to someone how empowered they are is to use this protocol to release the imbalance that creates dis-ease in the body.

People who use this technique want to use the same taps over and over. They can do the protocol multiple times, the more times the better. But each time you use the protocol, do the taps from a different vantage point.

Say that you have a certain diagnosis. We will use heart disease as an example. Here is how you would use the Energetic Cleanse to address heart disease in your body. You would do the taps first on heart disease and then do it on everything that is a concern to you about heart disease.

So the first time you do the energetic cleanse, you would put Heart disease in all the blanks and do all the taps. After that you can do all the peripheral things that go with heart disease:

“My heart”

Feeling helpless

Genetic propensity to heart disease

Do any close friend or relative that has had heart disease

Fear of having a heart attack

Fear of dying



High Cholesterol


Negative people

Thoughtless family members

Unfulfilling job



cells of the heart

Your body


Do your research and pay attention to what you hear as a cause for your condition and write it down to do the energetic cleanse with it later. Be as creative as possible. I had one client who had Lou Gehrig’s disease. This person had a real affinity for Lou Gehrig that needed to be released. You body is very sensitive and smarter than it is ever given credit for.

The reason these taps work is because western medicine treats the body like it is an inanimate object with no free will or ability of expression. These taps connect with your body at a cellular level and gets all the components of your self to work in unison to eliminate the dis–ease. Dis-ease is an invalidation of your body on a deep level. These taps help to validate the individual components of the body and eliminating the initial cause of the issue.

But as you go along in any treatment you choose, you may have reactions to the Doctors, medicine, nurses, hospital stay, other patients, and even western medicine itself. You can use this protocol to remove the stress that those things bring to the body as well.

The results may be subtle at first. Perhaps they will come through western medicine. The Universe will use any and all means to manifest your intentions. That is why it is important to pay attention to your intentions and manifest only positive things for yourself. The protocol helps you do just that.

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