• Everything we say is a command for the 3D printer that is our great mind. Think of it in those absolute terms. You can’t expect your computer to discern when you are joking and when you are serious. So don’t expect that from your mind. If you hit the send button, you know a document is sent. In the same way, when you utter statements, no matter how tongue in cheek they are to you, you are launching them into the Universe to manifest.
  • Our words are our latitude and longitude of where we are in life. A word like hope, need, want or faith puts us at a disadvantaged reference point. It positions us away from the desired results. It is better to know, have, trust and “be”.
  • “Hope” is a position of weakness. It leaves you at the mercy of intangible variables. It is more empowering to know than to hope. Knowing sits you right smack dab in the middle of an experience. When you know, you know. When you hope, you are waiting in the dark.
  • Faith is also positioned away from the desired results. If you have faith, you are passively waiting for something to reveal itself to you. When you trust, it is a position of confidence. When you “trust”, you are aligned with the latitude and longitude of the desired results.
  • Watch your colloquialisms. They are designed to put limitations on you. For example, when something good happens to you, and you say, “I can’t believe it”,  what you really are saying is that it is unfathomable that something good happened to you. When you are saying your heart is broken, what you are telling yourself is that the vessel that works non-stop from the moment of your birth to keep you alive, is fragile. You are saying YOU are fragile.  When you say the expression, “whatever”, you are telling the Universe to send you any experience in the mix because you are apathetic and indifferent to life.
  • When you use curse words, you are really cursing yourself. You are using a course vibration to ensure that you STAY in a pattern of course vibration. You are preventing yourself from getting closer to truth, love and even self-awareness because these things vibrate at a much different frequency than higher consciousness.
  • Words are vibrations of what you attract. They are the latitudes and longitudes to  where you position yourself in life. When you talk about disease, problems, and complaints, you are positioning yourself to accept more of these graciously as a welcome friend. When you say the name of diseases, you are making it more easy for your body to accept these diseases into itself. That is why awareness for negative things is not helpful but actually TOXIC. It is ignorance that drives people to campaign for awareness for certain diseases. All it does is puts a welcome mat on our lives for these issues to be prevalent in our lives. It is much better to honor the health of an individual, along with their strength and resilience, rather than brand them as a survivor of any disease. We are all survivors. The ones who do not attract experiences into them are the ones to emulate. They are not ones who need a negative depiction of themselves to wear as a badge of honor. This sounds insensitive because psychic energies that advocate for disease, have conditioned us to create heroes out of victims. This is merely to keep us enslaved to disease. At a certain point, the mind loses sight that it is honoring the victims of the disease and just ends up honoring the disease. This is what these campaigns for certain issues is actually doing. Because the vibration of the words cancer and diabetes don’t change if we are fighting them or honoring their victims. Both are marrying the vibration of the word into our state of being. It would be beneficial for people to understand this.
  • Replace all passive words with positive self proclaiming words. Don’t say, “If I win a million dollars”. Say “When” I win a million dollars. If you are not going to state it to the Universe for all to hear, how are you going to accept it into your life as a reality for all to see?
  • Please stop owning negative issues. Saying “my” anything, nails it to your energy field and labels it as part of the experience of being you. People are so proud of owning negative diagnosis because it gives them a little attention in the form of sympathy. But this is very short-lived. People then have to live with the label when the crowds die down and its the dark of night. Some people try to amp up this attention by adding more and more issues onto them for sympathy. After awhile, the burden of knowing that person becomes too heavy. Their negative vibration is palpable. Friends fall away for self survival. It is best to just address each issue we encounter as an experience that is passing through. NOT something that now defines us or that we own.
  • Some people accept issues if it is prevalent in their family lineage. It is not so much that this issue is handed down through their genetic make-up. It is more that having the issue gives the person an intimate connection with a family member if they share a disease. Someone who lost their parent to a certain diagnosis maybe will willingly accept a similar diagnosis as inevitable.  Because if makes them feel more special to share it with their loved one.
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