Things will get better in the world is by totally focusing on the good things in life and drying up the rest. People need to be trained to do that. Maybe you can help.

Stop listening to negative people just to be polite

Don’t agree to negative statements

Only add thoughtful, uplifting comments to others.

Stop talking about the past and what was. When I help people in a session, they immediately start to tell me about how bad they WERE feeling. I cut them off. It is a means of bringing the issues back.

Debating isn’t about changing another mind. It is about one upping another in mind loops. Forgo indulging in it or others who do so.

Ignore ALL negative statements. People are on autopilot when they say them anyway. Wait until they say something good, THEN respond. Teach people that that is all you will accept in your Universe. People reading this will start to argue with me in their mind…”well what if someone has a legit issue” Then they should be talking to a health professional, the police, fire department or the funeral home. They have agreed to help them. Your agreement is with Joy, Love , Abundance , Freedom and wholeness for All!

Reward people when they are positive. Engage them more. If they turn the conversation to negative issues, disengage.

Instead of asking people “How they are doing”, get used to asking, “What’s good?”. It changes what you will receive.

Call people on their stuff. When someone says they are going through something, respond, “we are all going through something. It’s called life.

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