People are under the assumption that they are not held accountable. That is the difference between a truth seeker and those on autopilot. A truth seeker realizes that we are constantly being tested to gauge our reactions and preferences at every turn. We are like the trout swimming upstream meeting much resistance to strengthen ourselves to the caliber of mastership.

Every choice, reaction, judgement and intention we initiate, moves us closer or farther along in the river of life. Most people in society seem to be meandering in the shallow waters. This is them not understanding that their every action and utterance either propels them further into to depth of awareness or spins them back around to the shallow water.

Anyone who attacks another, reacts in fear, plays politics with their integrity or swims along on autopilot lives with this reality. But anyone who catches their words, puts thought behind their intentions, doles out kindness like seeds in the wind and is grateful for the insights gleaned from any experience rendered, is consciously moving forward into the heart of love.

If more people would choose their words, thoughts and deeds very carefully and be very selective in what they give their intentions to, this world would be a different place. There would be no trolling and disagreements. If one wants to believe they are the king of Siam, then that is a much better reality than feeling worthless and ineffective. Allow them the grace of their God complex. We all should glow with the complexion of God.

If a few more people realized what their intentions were capable of manifesting. They would stop commiserating out of niceties and stop conforming to social norms of complaining and talking about personal issues. They would focus more on pouring love out into the world and would regard every interaction as an opportunity to glean awareness and to add more kindness to the world. They would revere truth and disband the psychic energy of compliance that is being pumped into the ethers as one last attempt to sabotage universal freedom and bounty.

You are a victim only if you comply to be one. If you have endured hardship, see it as a compliment that the negative energies would target you as so loving that it needs to balance that. Accept the challenge of empowerment. It is worth it in the end. It is a matter of seeing the earth scorched and wounded to feed the appetites of those lusting in power and petty grievances. Or seeing everyone as shining victors with integrity and honor intact. All engaging in the expansiveness of mutual respect and gratitude for this place that harbors us all in unity and Light. You choose. You always have. It is time to re-calibrate your choices.

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