In any of my healing sessions, the client is pulled out of their current vantage point and given an overview of their problems. Once lifted out, they are less apt to over-analyze or react emotionally. Change can then occur. By dislodging the client from strong opinions and emotions, positive healing energy can flow through. In a similar way, a Zen garden heals by taking an individual out of their particular vantage point on earth.

A Zen garden on the surface seems very simplistic. Yet it is a very powerful tool for healing. It is a metaphysical principal that: when you heal yourself, you heal the whole. This concept is conveyed through the microcosm (physical self) being a reflection of the macrocosm (Universe).  Another way to say this is: as above, so below. The Zen Garden is a model of our life, our world, and the Universe.

In a Zen Garden, the rocks represent landmasses and the sand represents the water. The other components of the Garden are a rake and a defined Boundary. There are layers upon layers of ways to contemplate using the simple process of raking the sand. One main point is that the garden, like all problems, is contained. They are not bigger than the keeper of the garden. The rake is symbolic tending to problems by humbly infusing them with Love in a detached way.

One of the difficulties in healing is the individual’s inability to let go of a problem.  The best way to heal any situation is by detaching from it. That is the purpose of the simple prayer “Thy will be done”. The tiny mechanism of the human brain is incapable of manufacturing the miracles that the Universe is able to. It needs to let go of them so that the Universe can cleanse itself. If a person needs to hang on to a problem, the Universe in its humility will allow the problem to exist only if it is to teach someone how to finally overcome it. So in a sense, all problems are an exercise in detaching from them. That is simply what a miracle is. It is the microcosm stepping back long enough for the macrocosm to bring order.

So the purpose of the Zen Garden is very simplistic but very complex. It is a means of occupying the physical, emotional and mental components of an individual so that the spiritual aspect can come into play and create order. It teaches detachment. This is the way healing is done. The oil spill, for example was not helped one iota by the fear, anger, and complaining that was spewed in its name.

One can only imagine how much better any situation would mend itself if everyone who had the awareness to do so would redirect their thought streams into loving the planet. They can do this more readily by simply tending a Zen Garden with Love for a few minutes a day. It would assist not only in clearing out the individual but it would create a conduit for the Holy Spirit to move through and heal the earth.

A great healing technique is to create a Zen garden. As you rake the sand, put love into the process of tending it. See yourself not as one insignificant person, but a keeper of the planet. Know that you are breaking up negativity by lovingly tending to the garden. Rake love into your garden. Remove all judgments and just tend the garden in simple reverence.

Do this as a discipline, not to look for change but to come to a better understanding of the purpose of life. See yourself as a humble guardian of something greater than your human understanding. You may begin to perceive yourself as a watchful observer of humanity. By doing so, you will be on the precipice of Wisdom, Humility and Healing.

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