You know is an expert on Peace? The war torn soldiers who come home so battle fatigued that they never want to see another squirmish again. They won’t talk about revenge or going in and destroying everything. They are too caught up in engaging the children, feeding the birds and healing their senses of what they have heard and seen and did.

This is the place we all have to tap into. When the thought of one more tactic, one more maneuver or one more play for power is sickening to the soul. Some of us already have it. That is the awareness of an awakened soul. It is one who has lived the rounds of birth and death many times over and now prefers the wealth of the moment over the adventure of revenge.

There is no use arguing peace to someone who is hungry for war. It is like trying to talk a hungry person out of a meal. The only way that peace will come is by infusing the satiation for war into the collective of all. Breathe the vantage point of the weary solder into the group consciousness. That is how persuade everyone to walk away from the table. That is when more will see the wisdom in planting seeds instead of bombs. That time is now.

Look through the eyes of a visionary and interpret the images that they are too respectful to demand you to see. Please pause before scoffing at them and forgo seeing them as the enemy. They have a passion and Love that they are trying to instill upon the land by awakening what is in the hearts of every person who is not thirsty for conquest. “All I am saying, is give peace a chance.”

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