I am facilitating a retreat next month. I have had a vision of feeding all of humanity 13 years ago at the International Lilac Festival; which is in my home town. The date of the retreat was chosen quite adamantly by my Guides. It is the same weekend as the Lilac Festival.

I have had many dreams about a group of people waiting in a hotel ballroom for something. These dreams kept me alive every night when I was imprisoned and being starved to death. The room that I have seen in my dreams is a hotel room where people were (are) waiting for me to gift the world with showing them how to so what I do. So they can join in more readily healing the world too.

I have done everything I could possibly do to survive this lifetime. I survived a mother who tried to spontaneously abort me with all these home remedies and by drinking like a fish through my gestation. She cursed me on birth and assured I grew up with no self esteem. She thoroughly trained all around me how to diminish me and even tried to pull me to the other side when she crossed.

I have been knocked down flights of stairs, fallen out of moving cars, beaten up by people I trust. Jackknifed by a drunk driver. I have been starved, tortured, imprisoned and brainwashed to believe God despised me. I came back to society thinking I was a retarded boy and rejected by mostly everyone who knew me. Yet I bounced back to give my gifts to the world and facilitate this retreat. It seems important.

So when I tell people about the event and they are on the fence about attending, two things run through my mind. I think of everything that I have endured to get to this point of being able to offer it. I also can see a trail of lifetimes where so many were defeated and tortured for offering truth to others. The way has been cleared for all to be able to partake freely of truths that others have passed through the ages cloaked in the deepest beguile. Some so cloaked that whole rituals were created around unmasking it. It has taken lifetimes just to glean one kernel of what I give freely.

I am now able, in a female embodiment, to give out generously all that man has withheld from the masses. All the desperate searches for truth and the striving for the meaning of life play back their tapes all at once when people tell me how inconvenient that weekend is for their social calendar. They forget their own lifetimes of crying out for truth and their own desperate search. All of this inner struggle takes a back burner if there is a family obligation that weekend.

They ask if there will be another one. Well, this is the one that pokes a hole so big in the complacency of life, that it will be seen as monumental in looking back. It is history in the making. I hope some of you will get a reminder of what we have all endured holding vigil for such a time. I hope some of you who are in conflict with the date, remember why you incarnated at this time. Perhaps then I will see you there.

There is still time to receive a discounted price on registration and hotel room. If you contemplate all the lifetimes that you have struggled to get to this point, you will be as thrilled as I am to be a part of such great awakening. http://www.jenuinehealing.com/events/jens-honor-the-presence-of-goddess-energy-retreat/

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