Yesterday I went to the water to feed the ducks. I bought a fifty pound bag of corn so they could have as much as they want, They are used to being stuffed on bread, which is not good for them. I thought if they were given the right food, some of them would recognize not to eat the synthetic sustenance in the future, which is bad for them.

I had so much corn that I fed the ducks with the intention of feeding them as surrogates for all the hungry unnurtured souls in the world.

The ducks were very receptive. They came up out of the water and gathered next to the path. The bag of corn spilled so there was a good pile of it right next to my feet. I emptied the rest out and walked back to the picnic table to watch from afar.

From that vantage point, I saw two men with two young children walking down the bike path towards the ducks.I named them ignorance and indifference. The younger father allowed his toddler to run into the group of ducks just for the fun of it. They must have seen me feed them. But he did not even think to stop his child from interrupting the ducks’ meal.

The other father could have been the grandfather. I named him indifference. He had enough time on this planet to realize that someone was feeding the ducks and it was rude to interfere. His boy ran into the ducks screaming “Bam!” at particular ones who were engaged in enjoying the corn. Maybe the second father was just an older version of ignorance.

In my head, I ran the scenario of explaining to them that they missed an opportunity to teach the children something about respect. But they would not understand. They would just be angry and see it as a conflict. It would serve no purpose except to dry up the good will that I was feeling and sharing with the ducks. So I left the situation alone.

As I drove away, it saddened me that there was a pile of corn left on the ground that went uneaten by the hungry birds because they were unfortunate to cross the path of ignorance and indifference. Then I realized that the corn symbolized the love and assistance that is available to the world if ignorance and indifference would step out of the way.

There have been so many advancements in technology that would free us of our dependency on crude oil and a synthetic lifestyle. This would pull us out of so many global conflicts and help us to stop funding terrorism with our weapons and money and stop creating an environment where disease is the norm. Crude oil and a synthetic lifestyle is like white bread to the ducks. It is poison but people think it is the only option so they hungrily eat it up.

There is a mass awakening to the fact that the world has been corrupted by power. There is Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom for all. These things are the pile of corn that we have been distracted from by ignorance and indifference. But individuals are waking up to their own potential. They are realizing who and what represents indifference and ignorance in the world and are sidestepping it. We are all in the process of awakening to a new Earth.

We don’t have to do anything really. All we have to do is realize our own value and stop giving our energy, in the form of support, to unworthy factions and causes. It is happening, as most certainly as the ducks will thrive, it is happening.

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