People use the phrase, “Everything is meant to be” to quantify spirituality. It is something that people use to defend a complacency sometimes. It relieves people of self responsibility. That is not spiritual empowerment.

The retreat that I will be facilitating next month, I will be addressing a lot of these fallacies that are a glass ceiling on your spirituality and our abilities to heal.

They are a means of shutting our energy down instead of assisting us in realizing our own omniscience. They are spouted by very wise people but are no less as limiting as believing we are dammed to a fiery hell for eternity. They include:

Reluctance to heal people unless they give a verbal request.

(people are desperate for help. That is what prayers are)

Fear of taking on karma.

(When you do expansive healing, take the vantage point of energy. You are nothing but Love.)

Belief in a dark force.

(You are absolute Light. There is no darkness next to you.)

There are very subtle forms of limitations put on the human condition because in never occurs to people to challenge their beliefs. The retreat will help people embrace their healing abilities and remove the limitations that they excepted.

We are not stick figures moving along a conveyor belt. We are star bursts expounding into an exponential reality. 

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