We who are aware, no matter our race or outer creed, are of the next root race. Controlling factions cannot prevent the upgrade to humanity by simply mandating laws of ignorance. It merely drives our engine to greater awareness and empowerment. Those who do my tapping exercises are dissipating and eradicating the psychic forces that drive ignorance. The same energies that Madame Blavatsky’s teachings, may have inadvertently been used to create; are being addressed and dissipated by the exercises and tools I have created.

I have incarnated again to rectify the abuse of powers that my teachings contributed to. I have come here to clear up the mistakes I have made in the past. Isn’t that why all of us are here? Sure. I may make mistakes again. But they will have no malice and will not be tainted with self-gratification. It is very difficult to face one’s self. But this is what we must all do to rectify the damage that has been done at our hands. All of us now, who resents the power factions in control, have had our hand in formulating those exact power structures and grids. As we do the tapping exercises I share to remove all our energy from these controlling factions, know we are not merely removing a small pebble or pew.

In some instances, many of us were the driving force behind laying the foundation or cornerstones of power factions in the world today. By removing our own energy and intentions from them, in all moments, we allow what came after us in the past, to fall like a house of cards. In doing the tapping exercises I give to do this, the outmoded power organizations can be eradicated and higher consciousness and personal freedom can ensue.

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