Are you one of those people who gives until it hurts? You know. You are there for everyone in their time of need. You go the extra mile. You surprise others with little gifts. But on the rare occasion that you ask for help, there is little reciprocation. You are happy to give and you are not trying to be a martyr but you don’t understand why it is so one sided.

You may have set it up that way. Something in your energy may feel safe, more in control, or better about yourself if you are the one doing all the giving. It is a noble trait to be selfless. But there is step beyond selfless. There is giving to yourself and making yourself feel as good and empowered as you do for others.

The thing is; that individuals are moving beyond group dynamics. Individuals are innately withdrawing their energy from all groups. So when you finally have the empowerment to offer a great group to others,they are too busy pulling their energy back to feed any into your group.

It is coming to a time when everyone is being empowered as an individual. It may shift the dynamics of all of humanity. It may feel uncomfortable perhaps but the self empowerment is worth it. Everyone will have to jump on the band wagon and start loving themselves as they love everyone else.

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