Anyone who:

Lives in a state of selflessness

Loves in an indiscriminate way

Uplifts the hearts of others

Cares about the plights of those less fortunate

Honors Nature and all its inhabitants

Gives with a selfless intention

Carries others into a greater state of Freedom

Validates the potential of all individuals.

Kisses booboos on scraped knees.

Teaches others how to awaken to their own truth

Gleans Wisdom from every experience.

Passes on their wisdom

Eases pain without martyrdom

Awaken all those who have been conditioned to fail

Brings smile to sour faces

Fills the belly of the starving

Restores dignity to those who have been desecrated

Smooth out the wrinkles in a furrowed brow

Love the children that came out of the body of another vessel

Breathe love into the very air…..

……then they are a healer.

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