Significant events in the news include fighting around the world and wildfires that are out of control. Fire is used in healing to cleanse an area of negative energy. Maybe the wildfires aren’t random. Maybe they are directly related to the hate and fighting in the world. The wildfires may be part of the cure. Maybe they are dissipating the negativity that the fighting is creating. Fire is a cleansing force.

Technique to burn out the negativity in the world:

Pour Epsom salts in a metal frying pan and add a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Light it with a match and stir it with a large metal spoon. It is good to do this over a stove because the flames can get high. Pour your intention of burning out all the negativity that is happening in the world into the pan. Watch the flames get higher as you pour the intention of dissipating the negativity in the world. Think of all the places that are fighting and all the issues that are brewing around the globe and pour them into the fire.

Do this with a group and throw all issues into the fire. Do it often and feel the lightness that ensues. It is a great way to do something to snuff out the flames of hatred, instead of adding fuel to the fire.

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