Friends of mine moved to my hometown to assist in getting the message of truth that I work to get into the hands and hearts of humanity. The ultimate goal is for all individuals to regain their empowerment by realizing their own importance. By realizing their own importance, they take back the proxy they have given to big groups like government and religions to think for them. When they take back their proxy, they dwindle the control that these groups have over all individuals.

As this happens, each individual gets more empowered and the groups wield less control.  This is how balance returns to the world. This is is the means for world peace. Because individuals do not want war. It is groups that profit from and encourage war to perpetuate their ability to control individuals. This is the dynamic that my writings interfere with. Interfering in this dynamic is the worthwhile purpose that brought my friends to work to help me get my writings out to the world.

My friends have spent many lifetimes in the military. Their past lives bleed through in their everyday preferences. One of these preferences showed up in the husband owning a jeep. The jeep always bothered me. Not because I particularly care about what they drive. It is because jeeps were primarily used as a war vehicle. Someone working so closely to me was showing his comfort with being in the military. This is counter to the intention of assisting the world in gaining world peace. I mentioned this to the husband.

He actually could see that his preference for owning a jeep was keeping his life framed in a military mentality. This was even affecting his marriage. As soon as he realized this on his own, he sold his jeep and traded it in for his dream job. After he did this, the dynamics between him and his wife became softer.. They were no longer interacting as two dedicated officers but more as two equal individuals.

Him initiating the intention to withdraw from the military mentality, actually showed up in the world as a “softer” reality. Both of the couple and I felt it. We actually started seeing white jeeps show up everywhere. White was the color of his new dream car that he bought. Seeing white jeeps everywhere was the Universe showing us that getting rid of the jeep was actually creating an uplifting shift in the world. The white jeeps at least vibrates a little closer to peace than standard jeeps.

On Memorial day, the wife and I were out enjoying the morning in our own way. We went for a joy ride. What was interesting for us was we ended up inadvertently becoming the tail end of three separate parades. My twin dogs were sticking their faces out of the window and watching the crowds as we drove by. THE CROWDS WERE WAVING TO US!  It was a surreal experience that I just thought was a coincidence. But I know that coincidences have meaning and purpose.

Later on, we were behind a jeep that had a very special decal on the back tire. It was a peace sign!. The Universe wanted us to get the message it was sending. The message was that the husband getting rid of the jeep, did have an impact on bringing about world peace. People need to understand the power of what they put their attention on.  Also later I realized, that the Universe was explaining something to me in having us be the tail end of three parades. One may have been a coincidence, two perhaps but the Universe really wanted to get my attention with having us follow up three parades.

The Universe wanted me to know that the work I do in empowering the individual is impacting our advance to world peace. We were at the tail end of the parades because when more of the populace adheres to the techniques that I share and read the truths that I write, then wars will become obsolete. There will be no more need to honor future fallen soldiers because the practice of war will be eliminated on the planet. Truth, love, respect and peace will prevail.  This is the reason to do the taps that I post. They are the means to ending the archaic power plays of war. They are the means for individual empowerment and value for ALL individuals to prevail.

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