I send a quiet thank you up to the sky and feel like I am a watching bystanders in the wonders of this world. But then I realize that the connection to Source isn’t gained through wishing from afar.

I finally understand that my very essence is the gateway to the connection with Source. All these times when I felt so lonely in the dark and cried out for God to save me, I was sending the message away from God when I sent it into the sky.

Now I remember. It was when I curled up in my bed as a scared cold child trying to get warm in a room that was too crowded and devoid of kindness. When I sent my plea within myself instead of the vast sky did I get a response. It was then that I felt the love and compassion of the Universe open up to me and alleviate my concerns.

All this training to send our prayers into the sky or out and away from us are misguided. What other misdirection was given to us all by these well meaning carriers of a message? Maybe all the chaos in the world could be cleared up if all the misdirection to Source is alleviated.

Instead of sending your prayers up into the sky, send them through the inner chambers of your own sacred heart. Perhaps acknowledging your own worth and accountability is more important than worshiping a deity with little need of praise. Perhaps the humility you were taught was a ploy to prevent you from awakening to your own splendor and truly touching the robes of Source from within.

Please have a god complex. By all means have a god complex. Know you are a sacred vessel and conduit to the wonders of all worlds. But see that same capacity in every other being and treat them as such. There are so many incredible experiences missed by the inability to see the magnificence in other’s presence.

Anyone that is dismissed because of some judgement or fear is a missed opportunity to delve into your own depth and use that person as a conduit for your own wonderment. The more camouflaged they are in unworthiness, the better. Dismissing others is as misguided as sending your prayers into the sky to know the Universe.

Every person, animal, aspect of nature, tuft of grass or tree, is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself as a sacred being. You are the hallowed ground that you seek in some dynamic personality. It is you that creates the reverence of each moment simply by your addressing each moment with a simple sense of gratitude.

Just like the Universe opened up to me as I looked into my own essence for that sacred connection, the Universe will open up to you. Then you will realize that the message you received from your sacred book is different that the interpretation man has put on it. Man has been corrupted in his ignorance and desperation for power. We see that play out in our daily life.

How do we turn the world to reverence and calm? By stop listening to those things we have always been told that are true and have become complacent in challenging. Listen to the wisdom of your own heart. You will be guided away from outer convention and guided towards kindness and compassion for all.

You are the light of the world. You are. You are the sacred child of God. You are the blessings that have been sent to the world to spread your light and love. You and every other being. The Sacred I am. When Jesus said “I am the light of the world, he was talking about the Universe I am. Anytime you say I am…and follow it with a complaint or a negative statement, you are desecrating the divine. You are the divine.

We are all the divine. When we start treating others and ourselves as such, we will awaken the divine in this outer world. We will be igniting all our candles and awakening humanity to empowerment and peace.

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