It is time for everyone to stop giving life to negative outcomes with their commiserating, complaining, agreements, and socially indulging in it. Just convert all that negativity into holding space for a positive inclination. It can be that simple. The more we raise our own vibration, the more we elevate all of humanity.

In that way, you are not powerless or helpless like you may feel. You are empowered beyond compare. So stop victimizing yourself. The more you hold space for your dynamo, the more you allow yourself to expound. You then assist others to reach a potential that would otherwise seem unfathomable.

This is what I do for everyone. I hold space for their most dynamic self. Yes it is healing. Yes it shows up as miraculous. But as more people embrace their dynamo, the easier it is for all others to embrace theirs.

Imagine if you could take a room full of willing people and show them how to embrace their most empowered self? What if everyone could reach the heights of greatness as a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King Jr, or an Oprah? Would you wish to be unhindered and empowered in that way?

That is exactly what the intention is behind all my books and my retreats. May 11th and 12th, is the dates of my next retreat.The process is as simple as stripping off all the limitations and restrictions that people have put on themselves. It is done in a loving and entertaining way.

You may be feeling the call to let go of all the limitations that make you and so many others feel uncomfortable in their skin; and in the world at large. You may even be asking inwardly for help. This retreat could be the answer to your prayers.

Sure there are reasons that the ego will try to stop you from attending. You can afford it but the ego will tell you that you can’t. What would your family and friends think? You made a tentative commitment that weekend that you are willing to go through the motions to keep. You don’t want to let anybody down. So you continue to let yourself down.

It is the ego’s job to keep you playing small and not accessing your potential. So your potential stews inside you like unused energy. It causes you to be disgruntled and unhappy. All you have to do is access your empowerment. Let it be full to expound into Joy, Love, Abundance and freedom. It is that simple. Yet the ego gives you a good argument as to why it is not.

Check out the link. Watch the testimonials. Tune into the event using your inner compass. See if you can see yourself there. Sure group dynamics are difficult. But this is not a group dynamic. It is a bunch of people doing one on one work with me together. Check it out. See if you are ready to be empowered.

Click here to learn more about the retreat, May 11th & 12th

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