When a friend is fighting a life changing illness, here are some of the things I suggest to them. They realize that I am not a medical doctor and all suggestions are meant to enhance their medical professional’s assistance.

Remove all scented items from the environment; from perfume, to candles to scented personal items. They are all chemicals that add stress to the body.

Stop using antiperspirants Switch to a deodorant. Sweat is a means to release toxins. To prevent the sweating is to prevent the release of the poisons.

Where only natural fibers- wearing synthetic fibers is like wearing a plastic tarp. It cuts off the breathing process of the skin.

Remove all toxic people and situations from your environment- physical dis-ease is merely emotional issues that have become so laden in the body that they bleed through to affect the physical body as well.

Take ossage orange tincture. It is known to starve cancer cells.

Stop eating dairy. Many older people are concerned with bone density so they over compensate by loading up on dairy. This is not helpful.

Kill the parasites in your body. Parasite cleanses can be tedious and difficult. The easier way to kill the parasites is to get a tens unit and run a low electrical current through the body. This will kill the parasites and is more effective than the walnut tincture and wormwood because they are not deterred by the blood brain barrier so can cleanse the brain of parasites too.

Don’t tell people about your health issues. Every one has their opinions about illness. Their thoughts, emotions and experiences can have a negative affect on your situation.

Take time to center each day. Visualize infinite Light and love coming into the top of your head and saturating your whole body and dissolving everything that is not Love and Light.

Send your self Love. The cells of your body have a consciousness and as such, they want to be appreciated.

Get plenty of hugs and love from a good pet.

Say only kind things about yourself. Monitor your thoughts to only speaking and thinking uplifting ones. Be consciously grateful.

Don’t own a diagnosis. It is not yours. If something is yours, you are going to get attached to it and have more trouble getting rid of it. Think of it more as an experience that is passing through.

These are just a very few things to help one’s self. They are a good practice for all.

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