Some one asked me the other day if my tapping technique is black magic. It occurred to me that people don’t understand black magic. If they did, they would realize that everything I post, share and write is drying up the practice of black magic. We are making it obsolete by doing the exercises and tapping I share.

Black magic is merely stagnant energy that is concentrated and personified by using an individual’s fear. There is no black magic if there is no means to induce fear. What people may not realize is that the masses are held in fear already by black magic. If you look at any group that has been formed, fear is the glue that holds them together.

Black Magic is taking that fear and manipulating the group to an agenda.

Government uses fear of the enemy to rally us to war. They have been using fear of terrorists to rally us to an agenda as well. The thing is, the primal fear that needs to be induced is more subsequent than factions are able to elicit these days. They have to be more creative in inducing that primal fear to override all common sense. So there has to be a new barrage of threats to keep that terror state going. That may be why they are eager to create more war.

That is why there is such a divide in the country right now between Trump supporters and everyone else. The Trump supporters are the ones still easily induced in fear. He enjoys the power of inducing it. The problem is, that those who are impervious to his tactics, now see him as imbalanced. It is good to watch what a power monger looks like when he is not feared and revered. It looks like a pathetic ploy for attention. Without systemic fear to enhance a persona, it is.

So no. My taps are not black magic.. They are a dissipation of black magic. They are taking any issue and stripping off its controlling affects so people can be free to take a step back and think for themselves.

Religion uses the fear of going to hell or being damned to induce fear in its followers. Some may not believe totally with the doctrine but the fear of being wrong has been so induced in past lives that it is automatic in this life. Black magic works best when a similar belief system can be held by a whole group.

Fear of the enemy has been a controlling factor for nations.That is the engine driving Trump to rally against immigrants. He needs an enemy to succeed. He needs to be respected and is fed by adoration. That is why he still goes on the road to give rally speeches. Adoration is the only thing that feeds him. He is being starved out. He is like any dictator in this way.

In fact, you know the real way to dismantle a ruthless dictator? Simply send love to the people who are being held hostage in fear. Love is the cool rain that dampens the dust of fear and drops it to the ground. Send love to the people of North Korea. It will allow them to awaken from the stupor of mass control. I will dampen the fear, dissipate the spell they are under and allow them to discern for themselves.

The more we use our energies to saturate the atmosphere with divine love; with no real thought of outcome, the more we will initiate a higher vibratory rate on the planet. In this way, love will pull all souls out of the hell that fear has created for them. Being controlled by fear based agenda does not serve those of us who can discern truth. We must pull the rest of humanity out of the mire. Back biting and arguing have only entertainment value at this point. But it is such a useless waste of energy when so many appear to be suffering.

Think of it this way, if Trump can’t feed off of adoration, he will feed of the fear he can glean from scaring immigrants and the power he can feel by leading us to war. This satisfies him. Do we dare allow him to continue to feed off of the innocent? Your love matters. Your love is necessary. Please be the exponential fountain of love that you are. It is truth that uncovers your well. Please don’t ever be afraid of Truth.

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