It has been said about Madame Blavatsky that she was inconsistent in her interactions with others. Sometimes she was very kind, sometimes she was very harsh and you never knew what you were going to get. I have been known for this as well. But Madame Blavatsky (or myself) is not the one who is being inconsistent.

People in general are inconsistent. What they say doesn’t align with what they are saying in energy. Madame Blavatsky perceived in energy (as I do). Someone can some up to me and be really menacing and rude and to everyone else they can seem really innocent. So if I address that rudeness when one is garbed in sweetness, it looks like I am the one being menacing; not them.

It works this way with people who seem standoffish or even bitchy. Sometimes these people are the most clear and honest people to deal with. They may not realize how harsh they are perceived but at least they are honest in their interactions. We want so much for people to be nice to us. But isn’t it more important that they be truthful rather than to wear the facade of being nice? Some people are really deceptive; to others and themselves.

Many times the people that seem unfriendly are the ones that have either been hurt or are unaware how they come across. But some of the most ruthless people, are perceived to many as kind. This is especially true if they are vested in their public persona. Or their self image is based on outer validation.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are consistent in energy or if you are inconsistent.

If you…..

are nice to someone to their face but say anything behind their back you …

say you are going to do something and don’t do it

say one thing to someone and a different thing to another

are polite to people but secretly want to get away

give compliments you don’t mean

consistently do things you don’t want to do

ask questions under the guise of wanting information but really want to reveal a weakness in the person you are questioning or want to sell them your point of view

say you want help but give every excuse as to why the help wont work

cry poor but have enough for that extra pair of shoes

……..are not consistent in energy as physicality

Consistency is another word for integrity. Your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs are integrated. That is integrity.

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