The holy men of history did a disservice to humanity as far as preaching about reaching the ultimate state of perfection. It confused the human species. Such perfection does not exist in the physical form. It made people feel unworthy and discouraged by not being able to reach perfection. It also held an invisible carrot in front of them leading them away from their own empowerment towards an intangible goal of lofty heights.

This was not their plan. But it was the result. Male energy of its own accord is not going to reach its greatest potential without blending itself with female energy. The blending of the male and female energy in an expanded state of realization is what enlightenment is.

Reaching the blissful heights of higher dimensions by focusing all of your attention on leaving the body is done in male energy. It is a single pointed driven goal. It takes a whole lot of discipline and a whole lot of drive to achieve. Those who are not able to do this are left feeling inadequate and lost. Those who can achieve this can be spiritually smug; if that is such a thing; and sometimes unbalanced.

This goal to gain the highest perfection in the physical world has created such a warped social class. Those who are the most rich, beautiful and charismatic are the ones that are valued as if they have achieved some sort of perfection. They have not. The rich can become bullies to maintain their edge, the charismatic can become obnoxious in a desperation to maintain their charm, and the beautiful will mutilate their faces and starve themselves in a desperate need to maintain beauty.

It is time to add the female energy back into the mix. It will enhance the quality of the experiences that we all have endured in mainstream society. It is a matter of setting different standards on what rich, charismatic and beautiful is. For myself and many others the polished, slick over coached qualities that are valued in the media are nauseating. The over confident person who has no compassion for the depth of what humanity endures is simply ugly to me.

The mainstream is starving for this depth of humanity to shine that only can be revealed when female energy is honored. Media tries to capture this whenever they pan into a closeup whenever anyone cries. Or when they play tragic events over and over on the news. Or when they depict aesthetically pleasing house wives, or young woman fighting. They have missed the mark.

The realness and organic goodness that is so alluring is someone who is kind when there is no audience. It is a quirky face or demeanor that is so fascinating to observe. It is a person so devoid of self consciousness that they aren’t even aware or concerned in how others view them. They are so caught up in their experiencing of each moment that no attention is focuses elsewhere in a concern for how they are perceived.

This happens when a person is able to embrace all their gifts, talents and self gratitude completely in the vessel that they are. They are loved, confident, abundance in so many peripheral ways and confident in their flawed vessel. The truth is that perfection is a myth in the physical form. It is a fleeting state at best. But living, being, having and expressing perfection can happen in this imperfect form through immersing one’s self in the moment and drawing everyone else in to do the same.

Real beauty and perfection is the exponential quality that draws the observer deeper and more completely into the moment. If you want to achieve spiritual perfection, it is not done by spending all your energy trying to leave the body. It is the total opposite. It is done by focusing all your attention love and gratitude in the moment Its expounding into exponential arenas while still being centered in your own skin.

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