On social media, the trolls are negative people that look for places to dump negativity and bring doubt to truth. They may be masked under the guise of interesting stories or truth, but they provide a false and destructive narrative. If you think about it, we have been dealing with those kind of interference in our every day life as well.

People who gossip or make up negative stories merely to get attention, people who complain, those who mock others and are bullies and people who profess gloom. Those that mandate laws for personal gain are ruthless offenders as well.None of these people are really dealing with truth. Because truth is an expansion of consciousness.

Truth creates a break in the gloomy clouds of conjecture

Truth is not a bantering of opinions.

Truth is not a titillating discussion slanted to personal bias

Truth is not rhetoric or false narrative

Truth is not a consensus of popular opinion

Truth is subjective from your vantage point; like the sun being in different positions depending where you are in the world. But truth, like the sun is unwavering.

When I write something of truth, you can tell people’s vantage point to truth by how vehemently they attack. It is like someone who is immersed in low level clouds of a valley resenting that others can feel the warmth of the rays of sun on their face.. Instead of trying to see through a break in the clouds, they will attack the position of the sun, They attack truth.

Dogma and ritual still has a place in people’s life. They enjoy the social aspect of praising a God they can’t see and can imagine wants to be adored. But they may be ignoring the nature of God. People who use God to mandate laws to diminish others are committing blasphemy. Anyone who lacks compassion is committing blasphemy. Anyone who mocks, scorns, belittles or cheats other beings is committing blasphemy. Anyone who destroys the pristine nature of the earth that provides all life, is a blasphemist.

The laws of man are running directly OPPOSITE the nature of God with such a haughty ugly flare that all who use a pious bias SHOULD be escorted into a hell of their own design. It would be a hell that they have mandated for other beings. Perhaps that is what karma is; getting what you thrust upon others.

It is enough for people to see the truth of these blasphemies and use their intentions to dissipate their ability to affect others. Shame on all those who allow such atrocities to be mandated without seeing their part in perpetuating them. Sometimes it is scary to write truth. Because of all the lifetimes I have been killed for speaking up and advocating for truth.

But what is scarier is living amongst a world of people who sit by complacent and don’t share their gifts or involve themselves into delving into truth because it is too awkward or uncomfortable. It is appalling to see the complacency, indifference and apathy in man while others suffer so atrociously. Apathy and indifference to truth is scarier than any disease man can invent to contaminate his fellow man. Please do what you can to fight the plaque of it.

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