People show their lack of vantage point when they criticize James Comey. Comey is fulfilling his soul contract in playing the part he does in current affairs. His role and position is a unique one in history. Whatever he may have done, was necessary to propel us into the level of awareness that we have now and will have in the future.
We as a world must experience what we are dealing with. Politics and world affairs are a stage in which we all get to view the dynamics of power, corruption, manipulation and lies. These are not new dynamics that have come upon the scene. These are the dynamics that have played out since the dawn of man. These are the dynamics that have left us all afraid to accept our own greatness or to speak our truth.
instead of being dynamic ourselves, we sit back from our safe perspective and spew venom at the key players in this opera of power and corruption. It is more beneficial to simply observe and to retrace all the times in history where these exact dynamics played out. Where wisdom, integrity and truth were slain and martyred.
I wish a better outcome for James Comey. I think of the ignorant crowds alive at the time of Jesus and how they got caught up in the drama of his crucifixion. We would like to think we would not partake of such behavior and be the one who risked their own lives to give him a sip of water.
The crowds are still being manipulated. Knee jerk reactions are a by-product of ignorance and fear. Fear is the opposite of love so if there is fear present, there is room for love to flood in and dissipate it. Fear and ignorance are also the state that the power mongers wish people to be in and so they consciously breed it. Those in fear and ignorance are easily manipulated.
It was a similar situation when we were drawn into the Iran War years ago. The masses were drawn into it by a lie. They were told that they were creating weapons of mass destruction. Remember that buzz line; weapons of mass destruction? Those who perceive in energy knew it was a lie. I knew it was a lie. Only one man stood up to then president Bush and called him a liar. It was Michael Moore.
Michael Moore was demonized back then and suffered all kinds of back lash for doing that. To this day, people may have a dislike for Michael Moore and not realize where it stems from. It was a deliberate smear tactic meant to prevent truth from hitting the surface. Since that time, the truth about how we got into the war through a lie is revealed. But without all the charged passion of the rhetoric and the prodding of our emotions, it lands softly as an afterthought instead of a hard hitting truth.
One who perceives in energy can see the muddled dirty energy around the lies and the liars who spew them. Someone who is truthful has clear energy. Those who lie, like to dress in expensive suits and act all pompous and self righteous. They argue louder than others in defense of their lies. But their faces show up distorted ruddy and pickled. There is a lack of light essence in their presence. They have to be so loud and intrusive because they are overcompensating in lacking truth by using strong heavy language and bully tactics.
I could mention names but the ignorant who have been whipped into a psychic frenzy are programmed to attack. In a similar way that they were programmed to attack Jesus or Michael Moore. It is best just to leave bread crumbs for those who are tired of the manipulative tactics, to find their way to truth for themselves. At one point, they will be strong enough in their convictions to hold the torch of truth and integrity. They will be acting from their inner guidance and not from outer mandates.
Because so many people are tired of being used as pawns to embolden the takers and blow-hards of the world. They may still be dazed and a bit confused but are starting to wake up to the fact that they have an independent stance that doesn’t fit into a nice slot of “them vs us”. They can glean the good where it is and refrain from indulging in bully tactics.
These are the people to support and nurture. Instead of clinging to some mass idealism that will catapult us into a devastating tragedy that affects millions. Why hot support those on the sidelines who are awakening to their empowerment and trying to find their wings. Those you see obvious good in. Instead up jumping on the band wagon of criticism and defilement, use your intentions to protect them from the onslaught of negativity that the rhetoric induces.
It is a much more honorable use of your energy than supporting the power mongers who have gone amok. They are simply using the common man for their own purpose. Because, there really is no such thing as the common man when he is allowed to fulfill his greatness. He may not be treated with the respect that he deserves but he more definitely is not common. What makes someone common is the ignorance and fear. Which is currently becoming an outmoded state of existence. 
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