I am considered the far left.

I would be considered an extremist by the far right.

I am in many ways.

They think of me as the enemy

I don’ think I am scary though

Its true. I don’t go to church

I worship God in all beings.

I don’t believe in salvation

I believe in the perpetual grace of thriving in love

I don’t believe heaven is attained through one man

That one man preached empowerment for all

I am extreme in love, kindness and compassion.

I don’t believe in judging others as sinners

I don’t believe God even ever did that.

Men in sheeps clothing of God, did that; and still do

Man uses God to lie to sincere people

Man puts a glass ceilings on the heart, minds and souls of others in the name of God

Man makes enemies in those who interpret God differently

Who are different simply by the nature of life

Man loves enemies.

It makes him feel important

It gives him the feeling of power.

Man has been making enemies forever

In fact, all of society is based on a half truth because it depicts men as superior

A half truth is still a lie

We are all living a lie

We can’t believe anything we have been told

Especially in a book authored by men.

Maybe that is why men are still so in authority

Because they authored the book they said that God wrote

I want to speak to that God who wrote that book

I want to ask him myself

I do every day through kindness, compassion and discernment

I honor God by not judging others or diminishing them

Some are so demoralized by man in Gods wear, that they have bowed out from connecting to God

Some can’t even tolerate the concept of God

Because of what they have suffered in his name

To them God is pain.

But it is man who has always brought the pain

I don’t believe that God is male

God is the infinite force of the universe

God is love

God does not sit in the sky. Why do people look up for him?

Because in primal times, the sky depicted expansiveness.

Every atom is perpetuated by the gravitational pull of its components

This force is the energy that runs the Universe.

It is Love at its purest

God is love

Everything is made up of atoms

Everything is love

God is not only in the sky

God is the force that the whole universe is made of

God is everywhere

It is in the face of your neighbor and everyone else

This force processed through the hormones of the body, is interpreted as love

When it is depicted by the mind it is discerned as God

Otherwise it is pure potential

We all are pure potential

Only limited by our hearts and minds

The same hearts and minds that register distinctions

And label others as good or bad

To me everyone is good

Everyone wants to be good

Everyone is doing the best they can with the experiences they have had

We are all worthy of God and in fact are all beings of God

When we are All the face of God

When people pray to God, that is the collective life force in us all

When they hurt, judge, rebuke anybody, they are doing it to the same God that they pray to.

This force is in all beings.

All beings are made up of the God force we honor

We are all God in different forms

Even plants, trees, animals and the earth itself

That is why fracking is so bad

It is like spitting on the altar of God to us who honor God in all things

It is no different than it being legal to go into your church and steal the gold chalice that you sip out of out of selfishness and indifference

Why is this so offensive and ridiculous to anybody who are devout.

When people who say they are devout do not value other forms of life, they seem hypocritical, shortsighted or brainwashed to me.

If you talk to God, doesn’t he tell you these things?

I don’t respect anyone who reveres a book over any form of life

I don’t respect anyone who desecrates out of ignorance and then cries heathen

If a book prevents you from seeing the goodness in all beings, it doesn’t seem like a great book

I don’t believe God values people over animals or other forms of life

God loves all his children

God is all childen

I don’t think that God wanted people to proliferate at the expense of every other living thing

To create genocide on all forms of life to make room for more people

This is a sin to me.

If a book tells you to keep proliferating until there is no other forms of life but people, it seems like a bad book.

I don’t think it is sacred to make babies at all costs.

When so many people are starving and hurting. Making more babies seems ignorant, and selfish

When I see a big family, I see ecosystems destroyed to support them

All children should be brought into a world loves and welcomes them

They shouldn’t have to be born to maintain an agenda.

Every child should have the right NOT to be born into a loveless world.

I was born to this fate.

Why was I forced to be born unloved and deprived?

Where was my right to a good life?

Why did I not have the right to be born to people who loved me?

Where is the compassion for those born with no means of any kind?

It is cruel and heartless to ask me to be born and then not to love me.

How many children are born this way?

Why is brown skin considered less beautiful to the milky white?

Why is it more compassionate to force people to be born than allow them to come over the borders?

Why do people have ownership of boundaries?

If they don’t believe in reincarnation why to they care what happens after they leave this earth.

I believe that people’s insistence on maintaining supremacy in generations to come, depicts their innate awareness that they do come back to this world.

Why else would the milky white need to hold such supremacy if they were off to heaven anyway?

If people would stop insisting we have unwanted babies, there would be more room and opportunity for the children who are already here

Choosing not to procreate is not a sin

Intolerance, apathy, indifference and ignorance are.

I don’t believe I am a threat to anyone

I literally would not hurt a fly.

Yet I am the face of the left wing

I am a threat to an outmoded concept

I am a threat to an agenda

I am a threat to a way of life

I am a threat to anyone who hates under the guise of love

Because I love in a more accurate depiction of God than they do

They HAVE to demonize me to protect their agenda

They HAVE to keep those of a sincere heart that they dupe away from me

By demonizing me, they keep the far right from figuring out the big secret that the far left has figured out.

We are all the same

We are all of love

We all have worth

We live the heaven or hell of our own accord

It is a very personal thing

The only real division is the one that was created by those who label us.

They are the real sinners.

Jen Ward

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