Combining Female and Male Spirituality

The way male energy does spirituality and the way female energy does spirituality look totally different. Male energy is more linear so they extract truth from mouth to mouth. Sitting at the feet of the guru comes to mind. The wise man starts out as a student and takes in through the outer senses all the truth he can contain.

He filters and sorts everything with his mind to strip it down to one line of truth; or reason. .He does this until reason itself needs to be released and he transcends the mind. He gets glimpses of the glorious heavenly worlds by single pointedly leaving the body and traveling into the inner worlds while still maintaining a physical form.

He describes such wonders of the inner worlds that all who can hear desire to do what he does and be like him. He is emulated. Hopefully his transcendence of the mind also extracts the ego and need for adulation. The abuse of power comes from one who can claim anything that can’t be refuted with proof.

The female energy is not so motivated to leave the body and travel to the inner worlds. She is not so single focused. She does not travel out of the body so easily to get glimpses into the higher worlds. She realizes in her wisdom, that there is no where to travel that isn’t already within her realm.

The female energy realizes the the higher worlds are super imposed on the ground that she stands. There is no need to go anywhere inwardly. She has already arrived. She has no need to sit at the feet of the guru for truth. She can extract truth from any experience, merely by staying attune to her heightened sense of connectedness.

She has no need to make truth such a linear structure. Truth to her is exponential. While male energy is looking for the glory of empowerment, she is looking at the sanctity of truth in all beings. She does not focus on glorifying one way, one truth, or one person. She glorifies and exemplifies all of life by her attention to honoring kindness and truth in every form. She is not looking to better than others; even in spiritual insights. She looks to empower everyone so that all are great, wise and wonderful and see the wonder in all their brethren.

Female energy does not set out on a spiritual journey to conquer others. She sets out to empower all. Her vulnerability is that she does not meet male energy on his terms. She allows everyone their learning curve and he has ran with the assumption that he is superior. That is female energy at her best.

It is time to reign in the male energy. It has never been a competition for female energy. That is why she seems to have been railroaded. But she has continued to love and nurture, grow and expand her consciousness in a different way than male energy. It is time to embrace both equally. It is time to dominate in kindness. Exemplify truth. Stroke integrity. Conquer the expansiveness of all and embrace individuality with dignity and respect to their unique contribution to the whole.

There is no schism between male and female energy. Female energy is able to empower both in individuality and unity. This is what she brings to the table.

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