When we talk about, or even think about an unpleasant event or even a tragedy, we are trapped in that event. If it involves others then we are trapping them in that event as well. If there is an unpleasant incident relating to interactions with others and we talk about it, we are reconnecting ourselves to those people.

This is true with our pets as well. So many people want to relive their pet’s illness or how they suffered before they have come to this blessing of a good life with them. But the person doesn’t realize they are holding their pet trapped in the experience by talking about it.

I have watched so many sweet dogs, let out a heavy sign as they have to relive; once again; how emaciated, scared, or broken the were. They hear it again and again. Change it by letting go of the story and always being in a loving moment with them. Maybe if we catch ourselves doing it to our pet, we can catch ourselves from doing the same thing to ourselves.

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