Last night during what others call the dream state, I was very busy. I was at different airports all night. This was symbolic of being at the point where people are being born and crossing back over. I kept getting bumped and jostled. I was helping make it easier on others. I was easing the shock.

If you think about it, the airport is a meeting point of the best of times and the worst of times. Either one is excited to be going somewhere, or weary of their travels and ready to go home.
Last night I was untangling all the energies of people who were coming and going from, and to earth.

Want to know the reality of it? The airport holds a secret of birth and death in its own dichotomy. There are an infinite amount of adventures that going to the airport represent. Just like there are an infinite adventures for those who are incarnating. But just like with the resolve of traveling; as exciting as it is to venture out, it is much more rewarding and satisfying to go home.

There is no need to grieve those who cross over. It is as pointless and silly as mourning those who have gone home after their travels. They are where they want to be. The anguish and heartache is a silly diversion from your own vacation. You will meet up again on a different leg of the journey or you will meet up at home.

The point is not to distract from your own adventure and not to begrudge someone else from enjoying theirs. All lamenting separation is a futile short sided waste of energy. You are together in the dream state each night anyway and then you cry again when back in the body. Then you laugh together at night at how silly the crying is. It is all a waste of energy.

If you stop the drama you can tune into the hints and signs that they drop to you in your physical fog. These are gifts of remembrance for some and promptings to awaken for others. You choose. You always have. Now its a matter of choosing consciously. Spend your energy on the drama or striving to connect and reach beyond convention. It is your choice how to spend your travels. Your choice.

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