Stop making Jokes at your own expense

Stop comparing yourself to others

Take time, when you think of it to say thank you to aspects of yourself. For example: If you are running, thank your legs and heart for their service.

When someone says something nice about you, don’t push it away

Don’t make excuses for yourself in your head, ready to give out if confronted. You don’t have to defend your being. You deserve to exist. You are a wonder.

Take in the compliments and the kindness. They are energy that is sustenance.

When you enter a room, have the intention that you benefit everyone with your presence. Then give out goodwill to all

Imagine yourself engulfed in a sunburst of love that everyone who engages you gets to benefit from

Accept your uniqueness not as a flaw but an accent on your individuality.

Be proud of the package that you are in.

Don’t berate yourself if you are not happy with your attributes. Every aspect of you is giving a hundred percent to you. Stop belittling them unnecessarily.

Instead of trying to be like others, embrace the way you are different

Stop wanting aspects of your self to look or be like others. If you like other attributes, enjoy them on others but embrace your own as you

Never put the glass ceiling on yourself that family members struggle with. If someone in the family has an issue, it doesn’t mean you will, just because you are related.

If you have children, the way you treat yourself will imprint on them. If you sacrifice everything for your children, you are teaching them to be martyrs.

If you want your partner to respect you, respect yourself. Your confidence is attractive. Being a doormat is not.

Communicate your wishes clearly and without drama. People respect simple uncomplicated interaction.

Stop living out the dreams and wishes of another simply because you are afraid to tell them what you really want. This is your life experience, not theirs.

Do what you love to do. This will make all the cells of your body happy.

Dare to be different. It is what makes you special.

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