People ask me for assistance in healing all the time. But their understanding of healing is limited or else they wouldn’t need help. Clean healing is done from afar and in a detached way. It is a matter of seeing the subject as smaller than yourself and simply using your intention to extract the stagnant energy and repair the system to a pristine wholeness. It is not a problem when done in a disinterested way.

Disinterested does not mean without caring. It means not micromanaging the results. Just simply send out the intention and trust your ability to assist. The more you get confirmation that you helped, the more conviction will be behind the intention. This most likely, will fortify your confidence and bring greater results.

But when someone asks for assistance, they believe they have to dump all that they are feeling onto me. They want me to know the details. They want to bring me into the journey they have endured in dealing with the issue. This is them trying to pull me into the vibration of the disease.

They want to lower my vibration to the level of the disease so they can dump their issue onto me to relieve themselves of the issue. It is selfish, rude and unkind to do this. I get this all the time. If I have come across as short with you in our exchange, this is why.

People think I am rude when I won’t listen to their sad story. But their intention for telling it is not to benefit me. Their intention is insulting. It would me helpful if they only realize what they are doing. No one would sit still and allow someone to lower their vibration so that they can be inundated with toxic energy. Yet so many people do that every day.

They politely listen and allow people to lower their vibration because they don’t want to be considered rude. They desperately need to be polite. By all means save yourself. People are persistent in getting their needs met. Some people are very good at lowering the vibrations of others around them. If they have had results in doing this with you, they will do it again.

If you understand what people are doing to you and still allow it, then you are engaging in a form of masochism. Pay attention to the underlying exchange of the dynamics you engage in, It may be a literal matter of life or death, And if it is a matter of being healthy or polite, by all means, be rude.

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