I find it difficult to look at my writings that I wrote when I was incarnated as Madame Blavatsky. It is almost like they bring back all her struggles at trying to convey truth. It is difficult in seeing how misconstrued she was, and how her writings and her life’s work of collecting truth was minimized or used for power gains. It brings an intangible frustration and overwhelmed sensation into an already saturated energy system of my own.

There is so much of truth that I could convey if people were receptive. There is so much healing and redirecting of priorities to be done. There is so many misnomers and conditioning that needs to be rectified. I know I have come back to earth to do as much of that as possible.

It is frustrating to watch truth be squelched at every turn. The negative energies that wish to maintain a lower frequency have done everything in their power to prevent an evolution in the consciousness of man. Even the great upgrades in technology that were gifted to earth from other dimensions to assist us in mass transcending, have been tainted to be used to try and mass enslave us.

Social media was meant to join us together as one incredible connected group consciousness. But it was inundated with mass controlling prompting and devious means. It has amped up the ploy in the programming that was stumbled upon when man realized how easily it was to sway mass appeal with advertising. Now the energies that wish to control the fate of man, use a combination of advertising, hypnotism, religion and rhetoric as a mass programming campaign.

Even though the majority does not believe in the data that is delivered, individuals are susceptible in different degrees. So much so that it makes it difficult to take a consensus on the pulse of awareness that is happening within individuals. They may realize that a lot of what they receive in the media is hogwash. But what they still accept as truth because of conformity since birth may still be riddled with deception.

For example, many people still believe in the “studies” that they are told about in the news, to validate any one position. Every study is tainted to a degree. The end results have been so ingrained in any individual that they will support what they are told about a study to support it. But what if your belief as a human has a glass ceiling on it. Any equation is going to be wrong if the conclusion is set in stone. Then the findings are just going to be manipulated and used to support an untrue conclusion.

This is what we are seeing play out with the belief of reincarnation. We have seen hard case studies of children identifying their past lives. And many of the most religious people leave room for the possibility of reincarnation. How could they not? They carry within their DNA the memories of all their past lives which show up moment by moment in their present life by their fears, preferences, and all the experiences that they remember right under the surface. Every choice, emotional issue, preference and dislike is rendered from experiences we have had in the past.  

The conditioning of Christianity is that Jesus died for our sins and we only have just one life. But Jesus was living as a true avatar would live.  He didn’t necessarily come here to die for others sins. That was the fate thrust on him by those who killed him. What is ironic about Christianity is that the same misunderstandings about the life purpose of Jesus was formed by the mentality that killed him.

Jesus didn’t come here to just die. Jesus came here to raise the vibration, awareness, consciousness of all man simply by walking among them. Any Light is going to dim the darkness if it walks among it. Any truth is going to dilute the lies by the vibration of its truth. Any one of us is an avatar if we outflow our energy. If we give instead of take. That is the whole shift in consciousness that is awakening.

When more individuals are hell bent on giving, (outflowing) than taking, then consciousness will change. It is a proven fact. You don’t need to go around preaching peace to exude peace. You don’t need to go into the world to defend truth to resonate at the higher caliber of truth.  You don’t need to get on a soap box, martyr yourself or suffer under extreme conditions. You just need to simply live your life as comfortably as you choose, while outflowing rather than inflowing (giving rather than taking)

This is very important for people to understand because they believe that a shift in consciousness will come as a great uprising. But it can come as gently and as simply as defying the subtle conditioning that runs your Universe unchecked. Turn off your favorite news of choice, stop believing in absolutes, question the truths you have always taken for granted as absolutes, open your mind and heart to the things you have been closed to.  Realize that any opinion out there that riles you up in fear and anger is set to condition you. Reject the fear. Reject the indignation that others try to inflict on you.

If others try to create a reaction in you, they are using you as an organic creator of psychic energy that they can then harness and use to control others with. That is all biased anything is. The drama and emotion you elicit is added to the mix of the drama and emotion of others in outrage. It creates a psychic stream of energy that is as palpable to those who are sensitive, as a humid day. It creates a heavy presence that permeates the atmosphere and subtly controls the ebb and flow of human interaction. It is the outrage and passion that one concept can stir that is fodder for psychic control. It is any sect, concept or belief that is demonized or worshipped and used to unite some and divide others at the same time. It is the way of mass control and we all are feeling the effects of it.

If you can get an awareness of this energy that inundates everyone, you can counter it with simple means. It is no different than using an air conditioner to counter the effects of humidity. Your own diligence will prevent you from being swept up in the psychic forces that are trying to use you as a pawn. Simple things you can do is always ask a person’s motive for the information that you are receiving.

Who benefits from you believing this way?  Take it to the extremes in your imagination. Don’t rely on your sense of morality to govern what is being pumped into society. Even the most innocent intention can be turned into a ruthless agenda to make money. I am sure that Walt Disney, when he was creating ways to entertain children in his garage would not have imagined the money making engine his creativity would create.

But anything with the agenda of making money has been tainted in some way. That is the way of the worship of money. Any good product that is out there to help society; is it polluting the waters? Does the creating of it also create a byproduct of waste that goes into landfills?  Are all the workers in the factories treated humanely or are they exploited?  The engine that runs big business is not going to be thoughtful to these issues because it will squelch their business. It is up to individuals to put thoughtfulness into their choices.


This “thoughtfulness” is a means to address the psychic energy of the money making engines. You don’t have to solve the problem. That is too overwhelming. But to put thought and consideration into the choices that you make every day, is a means to address the psychic issues that affect how thick the balm of control is in your personal affairs. You can boil it down to love or fear. If something elicits fear, challenge that fear and convert it into love. Pinpoint when you are feeling a primal fear, and address it. If you do this with everything that you feel triggered on, you will clear some of that psychic air pollution that we all encounter.

For example, if you ride a bike to work to counter the issue of being enslaved to fossil fuels, you will not make a huge impact in the gluttony of oil consumption. But your intention will clear up the psychic energy that controls you in that way. Oil consumption is a big one. It is used as mass control when the technological alternatives are buried to keep us enslaved to fossil fuels. Those that control the oil, control public opinion.  That is what we are seeing play out.

The whole denial about global warming has nothing to do with morality. It is the opposite. It is immorally keeping us enslaved to a product that is more damaging to the planet than it needs to be. And yet so many people think that the oil companies are doing a service to humanity to stretch out our use of oil. What they are really doing is buying up the technology that makes oil dependency obsolete and burying it for their own selfish gain and mass control.

Because of natural awareness, it is getting more difficult to convince those who have common sense evidence to believe as easily any topic, and to stay immersed in archaic beliefs. This is why psychic means of coercion and fear of offending a vengeful God are used so readily to stir up indignation and outrage. It is to combat the natural evolution in awareness. Patriotism, pissing contests between gods and tribalism are all means to create and amp up the psychic energy to immerse people in mass enslavement.

With myself, I see through the energies. I perceive through the eyes of nature. That sixth sense that animals seem to have is simply them perceiving in energy. They are not reading the minds of people to know who to trust and who is not trustworthy. They simply see it in energy. Instantaneously and clear. That is how I perceive and teach others to perceive. It is using your gut and your heart to know truth for yourself. That is how we were all organically meant to perceive.

Putting labels and categorizing people and items is a means of feeling around in the dark for them. For if you are not using your inner compass to distinguish truth, you are relying on the label of someone else to understand what you are dealing with. The label that someone else put on something will be different than the label you put on it. You are deferring to the limited understanding of another. Doing this regularly is how we got so dumbed down as a people.

For example you can feel the expansiveness of Source within yourself. But then you go to church and allow those who came before you, those whose lineage can be traced directly into the dark ages, quantify that expansive feeling within you into boundaries. God is a man. God doesn’t approve of premarital sex. God wants you to do this, God wants to you to do that. Then you are cow-towing to a superstitious ignorant belief system.

Do all of those restrictions on the perimeters of God allow you to feel that expansiveness of spirit all the time? Or does it squelch it and pen you in a little? If it squelches your expansiveness, is it really God then? Maybe it is the opposite. Isn’t anything that takes you away from expansiveness the opposite of God? Maybe whatever takes people away from the organic expansive of non-judgmental is opposite of God.  Perhaps this is what the book of Revelations was talking about when they said that the opposite of God would deceive people into thinking it was God.

Writings get antiquated. That is why I can’t read my writings when I was Madame Blavatsky. She made predictions that were profound at the time. She explained the root races, which was very accurate. But when she described the future root races, it caused some problems in the world. The white race liked being the controlling root race. The whole movement of the Nazi regime was engineered because Hitler read the writings of Madame Blavatsky and knew how to control the masses using psychic energy. He learned from her.

Current power mongers are trying to bring life into past engrams (past habits) of white supremacy. I have worked overtime in squelching those energies. The power mongers would love us to be entrenched in fervor of hate and fear and gearing towards war. But try as they might, they are unable to kick up the psychic dust and recreate the passion of fear and hate that it entails. Those who understand my work, have been countering those psychic energies in what they do. They may not even realize the ramifications of their work. Perhaps someday they will.  

The power factions are trying new ways to conjure up the energetic “dust” to create the psychic movement that they need to induce people to react in primal mode. They try to reinstate torture, they take children from their parents, they imprison those who are seeking refuge and demonize them. All these things have not worked to instill mass control. That is because love is a searing clarity to burn off the hate, just as the sunlight dries up the dew. The more people love beyond the compulsion to react in fear and hate, the more they drive humanity to a higher awareness and a mass freedom and enlightenment.

I feel that it is my purpose in this lifetime to undo all the damage I may have done in the lifetime of Madame Blavatsky. Hindsight is a great thing. How was she to know that the truth she collected over a lifetime would be demonized by those who wished to control others and keep it for themselves? There have been spiritual studies since then based on her work. But it too kept its truth away from mass awareness. It was supposedly so that it wouldn’t get into the hands of those who could use it to harm others. But that had already happened when Hitler used it. No. The way to prevent those who would abuse power from enslaving humanity with it is to arm everyone with truth and allow everyone to awaken their psychic abilities. It is time. In that way, the bar of consciousness is raised and no one can use having an edge in psychic abilities as a means to enslave others. This is the raise in consciousness that is the nuts and bolts of mass enlightenment.

Psychic abilities is merely perceiving in energy and talking to the higher truth of the person instead of the skimming the truth on the surface of their skin. Mediumship is merely not compartmentalizing energies of more subtle vibrations from the physical vibration of energy. Remote viewing is simply slipping above the awareness of our physical self and taking an overview of our surroundings. We were never meant to be locked in the body. That is merely what focusing on pain and problems does. Predicting the future is merely getting above the present time track and seeing where the cheese is in the maze of life.

So Hitler used Madame Blavatsky’s information about the root races to try and keep the white race pure and to annihilate any threats of them ever dwindling down in numbers and diminishing white majority.  That fear is the psychic energy that is driving the forces of tribalism today. Those white factions in power want white majority or supremacy to be maintained. This drives a lot of the laws that function to assist in maintaining a ‘white” edge.

Anti- abortion laws have nothing to do with morality. If they did, the people who maintain those laws would act in compassion and humanely. Anti- abortion laws are maintained to secure that the white race keeps perpetuating itself. There is a comical fear of the white race and Christianity dying out. The reason it is so silly is because if people didn’t innately believe that they were coming back to earth, why would they care what happens in future generations? They could just maintain their reign until they cross and are transposed in the perpetual state of bliss that they have earned in their self-righteousness. Right?

Madame Blavatsky’s understanding of the future may have been tainted by variables she could not have fathomed at the time. She talked of the fifth root race and where it came from. When I look at what she writes, it is so intolerable (like hearing the sound of your own voice) that I avoid it. But a small blurb caught my eye about the fifth root race.

What she could not have factored in at the time of her writing is the massive way people move around due to air travel. She assumed that the fifth root race would come from a certain demographic. But the lines of ethnicity have been blurred due to air travel. The belief systems as well through social media. I was tuning into the fifth root race that she was talking about and saw her prediction as a multidimensional mosaic that had gotten flattened.

The fifth root race then, was no longer an ethnicity. It was people who could perceive and operate at the fifth dimension as opposed to the third dimension. It was not an ethnicity upgrade but an awareness upgrade. What I have seen as a raise in consciousness is the old concepts of root races being eradicated and the pure lines of tribalism being blurred and eradicated. The next ruling race is those that perceive in energy, think for themselves, bow out of society and linear existence and expand consciousness as they crumble the archaic belief systems that were born and entrenched in fear during the dark ages.

We who are aware, no matter our race or outer creed, are of the next root race. Controlling factions cannot prevent the upgrade to humanity simply by mandating laws of ignorance. It merely drives our engine to greater awareness and empowerment. Those who do my tapping exercises are dissipating and eradicating the psychic forces that drive ignorance. The same energies that Madame Blavatsky’s teachings, may have inadvertently been used to create; are being addressed and dissipated by the exercises and tools I have created.

I have incarnated again to rectify the abuse of powers that my teachings contributed to. I have come here to clear up the mistakes I have made in the past. Isn’t that why all of us are here? Sure. I may make mistakes again. But they will have no malice and will not be tainted with self-gratification. It is very difficult to face one’s self. But this is what we must all do to rectify the damage that has been done at our hands. All of us now, who resents the power factions in control, have had our hand in formulating those exact power structures and grids. As we do the tapping exercises to remove all our energy from these controlling factions, know we are not merely removing a small pebble or pew.

In some instances, many of us were the driving force behind laying the foundation or cornerstones of power factions in the world today. By removing our own energy and intentions from them, in all moments, we allow what came after us in the past, to fall like a house of cards. In doing the tapping exercises I give to do this, the outmoded power organizations can be eradicated and higher consciousness and personal freedom can ensue.

The six root race that Madame Blavatsky talked about came from another planet. But it was depicted as a harsh overtaking that happened from earth destroying itself nearly to extinction or some other fear based scenario of hostile takeover. This is not way we evolve. War becomes obsolete as we transcend to a higher level of awareness. We are not taken over by a hostile group from the sky. Merely, our DNA is upgraded to include the vibration of life at a higher dimension. Our babies will be born with the tendency to upgrade. They will have the awareness and sensitivities beyond that of the indigo children.

We are upgrading consciousness every moment when we speak to nature, show kindness, reject hate, share our gifts, encourage others and own our own empowerment. We are doing it. The taps I share are a shortcut but a necessary one. Please know that the Ancient Ones bow to your dedication to truth. Know that self-loathing in any degree from thoughts of suicide or depression to simple unworthiness, is the negative vibration of the vessel you embody, being tainted by the psychic energies and conditioning that has prevailed until now.

Know you are dynamic. Know you are loved. The vibrations of earth must be raised from the vantage point of earth. Meaning that the Ancient ones can’t raise the vibration simply from willing it from afar. It must be an inside job; through the empowerment of you and everyone else. This is spiritual law. Love and God speed in loving yourself. We can do this. This is why we came here to earth now. Feel around in this awareness and realize the great extent of your true purpose. I love you for listening and being present here with me. We are all braver and wiser than we consciously know.

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