Most of society has been taught to be on autopilot without thinking for themselves. They have been conditioned to attack things that they don’t like to hear as a means to protect the process of conditioning society into habitual patterns of behavior.

We have all been taught to fear thinking our mind so we just reverberate a statement or phrase we have already heard. This way we know the phrase has been tested or tried and we will not be punished, rejected, killed, tortured or humiliated for sharing it. All these repercussions have been programmed into our DNA as viable results of being different or speaking one’s truth.

As a society, we are still experiencing those things happen, when we do speak our mind. I have endured such onslaughts regularly. Some people don’t realize how attacking, rude, or abrasive they really are when they don’t agree with what is being said. They try to bait one into a “discussion”; which is really an energetic battle using the weapon of words. They feel words are their home field or else they won’t engage.

Trump has been a great example of how this is done and how society has learned to deal with those who don’t agree with them. There is no room for communication for such a person because they treat their point of view like a perpetual storming of the gate of opposition. Most just fall into submission; which looks like agreement if it is systemic. This is the ploy of dictators and power mongers.

When I hear Trump speak, I automatically see a ruthless attack of any opposition. It’s like the breaking down the doors of a castle or gate with the weight of full fallen trees. Anyone with a different point of view is seen as the enemy. The scary part about Trump being so popular is that many of the personality traits exhibited in him, I have seen in those who have been cruel to me or have abused me.

It is a brave thing to give voice to a truth that is not mainstream. But that is what needs to happen to break the facade of conditioning on our freedom of speech. One of the ways that this has been implemented to rob us of our voice is through using our desire to please God. We have been taught that to challenge what we are told as God’s will is to show a lack of devotion or to even have dire consequences. This is silly since God knows our heart. He said to be like the little child in our approach to God. Children ask lots of questions. This is their nature.

The thought process has been weaned out of us. Which, if you think about it, it is an antithesis of the original message of Jesus. Jesus was tortured and killed for challenging the status quo. Jesus’ original message was eradicated and replaced with propaganda to encourage status quo. That is the irony of it. Those who do not subscribe to a fundamental Christian belief system are closer to personifying Jesus than those who consider themselves devout. Those who relive the crucifixion of Jesus are unwittingly celebrating his take-down. This is the haughty secret of power in using our devotion to desecrate and humiliate truth.

This is the underlying truth that is not challenged in our outer society because of the fear of retaliation. Yet, it is the unspoken truth that is within the human psyche. When the individual is so confused, conflicted, distressed and in pain, they will need to look beyond their own belief systems for truth. Anything that we have been taught to accept as truth has been tainted by some desire to control us along the way. It is done in layers, so once someone believes they have arrived at the absolute truth, it is their gauge that they have more of truth to reveal.

That is why truth needs to come from within. Don’t accept what anyone says because they are successful, rich, pretty, or smart. Take in every statement and test it against the backdrop of your own resonance. See which statements agree with your own cadence. Hold all others up for scrutiny. You are not here to be a doormat for another person or group’s agenda. No matter how embedded or prestigious they are, or how long they have endured. You are here to be awakened to your own truth.

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