Everyone is an empath. Saying one is an empath like they are a victim of life or more special than others is missing the point. We are all awakening to our sensitivities. It is not a punishment, curse, haughty gift or a means to diminish those who are deemed insensitive.

The experience of being an empath is knowing one’s self beyond the linear enslavement. All those who peek their head above the shackles awaken to their empathic side. Because we are all attune with each other outside of the illusion of the third dimension.

Being empathic is simply being free of a filter that others are still trying to get off. It is not being a freak of nature, you don’t need a special patent called being indigo. It doesn’t mean you came from a race of people who is foreign to the norm. It means that you are more sensitive to truth, beauty and love.

Use that sensitivity to assist others in being free to experience all that you do. Instead of wearing it like a label or an all access pass to complaining about the pain and angst you experience. We are all feeling it as we release it for humanity. Just because an empath is more aware doesn’t mean they have an edge or a disadvantage. It means that they are more privy to the Universal plight of humanity.

If you are an empath and still hiding from life or using it as an excuse to feel different, stretch your understanding of what an empath is. Talk to the trees, nature, all beings in all forms and even inanimate life. Sense their plight instead of being obsessed with what you are feeling. Doing that is just residuals of a linear enslavement. You are free to be aware, so awaken.

Use your abilities to hone Universal compassion. It is the purpose of your gifts.

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