There are heartbreaking stories of parents and Children being displaced because they came to the border for assistance. There is still so many negative stories on social media. It has not been expunged of the negative messaging. It has acerbated. Positive messaging is being buried. Maybe the answer is to leave social media and to pick up a book or spend more time in nature.

If you are feeling an anguish of the plight of the Immigrants, you can ease the anguish by doing this exercise on their behalf.

Download the Energetic Cleanse and do the tapping exercise on the worksheet. 

Do this as the first tap before you do the rest of the taps.

“I declare myself a surrogate for the displaced; in all moments.”

Then do put one of these phrases into all the blanks on the sheet and do the taps for them. Do this with as many subjects listed.

Being separated from my parents

Having my children ripped away

Being treated like a criminal

Being treated inhumanely

Being rejected

Being abused

Having nowhere to go

Feeling hopeless

The trauma



Being homeless

Having nowhere to go


Get the Energetic Cleanse here!

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