When a baby is born, what is the first label we are excited to put on it? Is it a boy or is it a girl. We base everything about the baby on that label. Clothes, colors, toys, interactions and activities. Why? Why is is so important? In past eras it was important to know for the survival of the clan. Boys meant protection and strength and girls meant a propagation of the species.

We are long past those thing mattering. The species has proven itself to survive and no longer is brute strength necessary to protect the clan. So why is it so important? Some religious teachings mandate propagation, This is probably because of in more brutal eras, people may have most likely killed off their young for their own survival. They would need divine intervention to prevent the selfishness of man to kill out it’s own kind.

Being all male or a girly girl are the opposite ends of the gender polarity. These can be attractive to some but there is also the sensitive guy or the tom boy that are very attractive and not so polarized expressions of a particular gender. There is so much personality and flavor in a person that isn’t at one total end of the gender spectrum. We don’t need people to be so polarized anymore. The race will survive. We no longer need to propagate the species. In fact, if we can pull out of that primal or habitual urge, the other species of the world and natural resources could have some breathing space; literally.

What is happening more and more is that people aren’t so “at the extremes” of the gender spectrum. More and more people are discovering that it is difficult to define themselves as male or female. The fault with them is still thinking they need to. There is no need. They are the new norm. They are experiencing a new freedom.

To be Androgynous is to be more comfortable with both experiences of male and female. But because society hasn’t caught up to the reality of such an expression of freedom, they make the individual feel like they need to choose a gender. This is wrong. There is no need. To stay beautifully undefined is a form of empowerment.

Did you ever have someone ask a question and once they heard your answer they were less interested? The way for Androgynous people to stay empowered is to not give out an answer; especially when it isn’t necessary. There is no reason for an Androgynous person to define themselves for another. The real reason people want to know is they are interested in your sexual interactions or relationships. It is not of their business.

How about this; stay Androgynous. Stay undefined. Stay non-polarized. Stay non linear. Refuse to choose. Refuse to define yourself. Refuse to give an answer as if it was the answer to who you are revealed in one word. How silly is that? Nobody needs to choose if they don’t want. We have all been both sexes many times over. There is little freedom or new expression in that. But to embrace all of your gender experiences and to not limit yourself to one polarization is a new paradigm. It is a new freedom.

It is inevitable that society will become less polarized in it’s sexuality. This is natural and it is does not need to show up as a perversion. People born with this freedom do not need to act out as a reaction to their beautiful self. To be Androgynous is a very natural upgrade in the evolution of people. I hope this post makes it’s way to anyone struggling with gender identification. I hope it saves one person from mutilating their anatomy just to conform to an outmoded mentality.

It is a freeing and heroic experience to be fearlessly undefined. It is something to be proud of. To any one who is experiencing feelings of Androgyny; release the shame or the need to define yourself. Just be patient and wait for the rest of society to catch up. You are blessed and you are loved. Of course do anything that makes you appreciate yourself more. But don’t do it to conform to society. They are running to catch up to you.

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