I recently had a guy who wanted me to help him with boundary issues. He would pick partners that were unavailable and after they were together, he lost complete interest in them. It left him feeling lonely and broken but he was compelled to repeat this pattern. At first I refused to talk to him and this infuriated him. He was so upset and angry that he felt devastated. He went from portraying himself as a helpless victim, to someone who was used to getting his way and was finally refused. The rage was incredible.

After months of him begging to talk to me, I got the nudge to speak with him on the phone. It was really strange because I was feeling sexually aroused by the thought of it, yet I was only calling to assist him. My own reaction was curious to me.

When we talked for the first time, I felt his astral hands all over my body. He was moving his hands up and down my sides from my hips to my breasts. He was talking sweet to me and very happy to be connecting.

“Do you know you that you are manhandling me right now?” I shocked him.

“No Baby, what do you mean?”

“Energetically you have your hands all over me trying to arouse me. It is inappropriate! In fact! You do this to everyone and that is why they have such a strong sexual reaction to you”. You are violating their personal space and by doing so violating Spiritual Law”.

When he thought about it, he was shocked. It was like throwing cold water on him. I felt his energy withdraw and he took his hands off me. He really didn’t consciously know he was doing this but on some level he knew exactly what he was doing. In his life, he was feeling like a victim as a form of denial, when in actuality part of him was a predator. He was molesting women all the time energetically. Some were responding with compliance and some were really angry but didn’t know how to defend themselves except with their anger.

He went on to explain that he was sure of himself when it came to getting a woman to be interested in him. But he felt such pain after they were together. I explained that the pain was theirs and that is what he was creating. He got his conquest but had to deal with the emotional upset he created in the woman. He caused them to cheat on their partners and their devastation became his.

We also discovered that he was using his energy to create contempt in men. He felt victimized by both men and woman and didn’t understand why men seemed to hate him. Energetically he was pushing in their space and causing them to react. HE was doing it. He now knew he was doing it but didn’t know how to stop.

Here is what you need to know if you are energetically savvy. Any rules that apply to physical boundaries, apply to energetic boundaries. Just as it would be a violation to go into someone’s home without their permission; to imagine them intimately and to imagine touching them and imagine being with them is a violation of their personal space. In relationships there is an unspoken permission but it is wrong if they have an agreement with another or if you have not made that agreement as of yet with them. To do so, carries heavy responsibility and will most likely end in you experiencing emotional pain.

Being naïve isn’t an excuse to energetically abuse others. If you have just read this and it resonates with you, then you are now responsible for your subtle actions.

The ego likes to make us feel like the victim. That is it’s ploy to keep from changing. The predator we were talking about feels victimized by life while an aspect of him remains cunning and free of responsibility. But ignorance of Spiritual Law is no excuse from self-responsibility.

The world is much savvier than it used to be, and so are we. If we want to be free in this complicated world, we have to make certain not to violate the rights of others. In that way, we all grow. There are no victims in life. There are only those who are willing to accept the cause and effects that we create and those who are in denial about the part that they play and the ripples they send out.

Once we realize that every thought, emotion, and action that we have has consequences, the more empowered we will be and the less ripples of dis-ease we will send out to others.

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