If you see hate everywhere, don’t just throw your hands up in the air and commiserate with the hate.

Make your love so expansive, so pure, so searingly palpable that it can dry up all negativity as clearly and as effortlessly as the sun dries the clouds in the afternoon sky.

If some one attacks you, don’t attack them back. They are only doing what they were taught.

Have compassion for the trapped love within them. Love them beyond the petty borders of their defenses. Show them what kindness looks like in its organic state. It may be as surprising and unwelcome as whole grain is in a white bread world. But do it anyway.

Your love is never wasted. Your loving intentions prime the pumps of billion of rusted pumping stations. Make way for the waterways to flush clean. Allow for the silt to pass over your feet.

Be grateful for you capacity to already love.

Always always focus on the love!

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