We all know them at work or in the family. Everyone else is doing their part but they are sitting at their desk or hanging out in the break room. They move very slow and when they are called out for their lack of work ethic, they make an excuse why they can’t help. They didn’t get enough sleep, someone is causing them distress, they have a pain that they have to get looked at, or the boss is on their case. They are the slackers.

It is no different in life. We are not here to take. We are here to band together to uplift each other and hep each other see ourselves as empowered. But what do we do? We focus on problems, complain about illness, declare ourselves victims of life that never get a break.

How wonderful would it be to see that slacker at work turn things around and start to shine? How amazing and more enjoyable would life be if they just pitched in? This is where we are in the world. The majority of the world has become spiritual slackers just waiting for someone else to do the work. They quantify this by declaring how hard life is and how unfair it is; when they aren’t doing everything they can to make it better.

We have all been a part of this waiting game. We are waiting for someone or the next generation to come in ad make a change. That is as silly as expecting a new employee to immerse out of the mist and do the work for us. Listen to what you say to others. Listen to your own story.. Decide for yourself if you are a spiritual slacker or not.

When you start to make an excuse, think of the slacker at work and how tired you are of hearing their excuses. No one is judging you. This is not for them. They are too busy getting out of life to care about what you are doing. This is about your own integrity and ethics. What are you willing to do to empower yourself and the world? Only you can say.

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