I have a great plan to help people lose weight, avoid bouts of depression and to help them in relationships and with their over-all well being. Rather than being concerned with all the outer stimuli in your environment, how about if you paid total attention to how you process it.

For instance, every time you take a bite of food; instead of telling yourself something negative as you eat it, why not tell yourself you are doing something good for yourself. Why eat guilt every time you eat a couple extra calories. It isn’t going to help you in any stretch of the imagination to tell yourself how undisciplined you are for enjoying what you are enjoying.

Abstain from telling yourself that “you are going to pay for this later“, or that you are ‘Being Bad”; or that “you Really Shouldn’t.”  Why not turn every situation around so it is a benefit to yourself and others who are in close proximity and are learning by your example. Why not tell yourself that this is exactly what you need in the moment and that you are enjoying the experience. If your body did not crave or want it on some level you wouldn’t be eating it anyway. Even if it feels like you are being self indulgent, tell yourself that you deserve it. You do.

Forego berating yourself over minute issues. Make everything you do in your day a positive. Be an example to others in this way and you will see how much easier it is to stay positive overall.

Another way we indulge is in world affairs. It seems that there is a mass negative outlook of the world. That is because so many are watching the news and filtering negativity into their world and identifying with it. The world is a constant. Human nature hasn’t changed. There have always been crises in the world. There have always been natural and man made disasters in the world. Some people are learning their spiritual lessons by breaking man made laws. That is a process of learning that they need. We don’t need to involve ourselves in everyone else’s experiences.

We manifest our view of the world through our understanding of it. If all we focus on are crimes and deficiencies. We will feel like a victim and a lack of abundance. Our natural state is one of Love, Beauty, Joy, and Abundance. The less we bring the negative experiences of others willingly into our world, the more we can enjoy our natural state. Where years ago, it was a given to experience the innocence of these things; now it has become something that we need to exercise. We are becoming more aware of our own abilities to stay in a beautiful space as apposed to inflict negativity on ourselves and those around us.

When we indulge in bouts of negativity and feeling sorry for ourselves; it is an emotional binge. It is as destructive on the psyche as indulging in a bottomless hot fudge Sunday would be. One choice brings discomfort to the physical body; the other one brings dis-ease to the emotional body. Both are indulgence at their best. Sometimes our body needs a little sympathy but always in moderation; just like anything else. So instead of going through the day berating yourself and others, turn the day around with your own positive spin on the day.

Find something positive in every situation. If people are complaining about the weather, respond with a positive quip; “I’ll bet the plants are loving the rain”.

Pay attention to your thoughts through the day. Catch yourself saying anything negative and stop yourself.

Negative comments are so subtle sometimes that we don’t realize we are doing it. Ask those close to you to point out when you are saying something negative, just so you can see your own pattern and then disrupt it.

If you are eating something that you think you shouldn’t be, realize that you need it on some level and give yourself permission to enjoy it. That may even stop you from needing it again so soon.

Remember that you want and sometimes desperately need to be reassured or validated. But don’t depend on others to do this for you. Do it for yourself.

Understand that everybody struggles with these issues of being Human. We are not special in the fact that we are hard on ourselves. Remove the belief that you alone are having a hard time just being happy daily. By realizing others struggle, it removes the belief that you are isolated. It also may assist to in stepping up to the plate in being a positive example to others.

Realize that others are bombarded by negative stimuli. When you complain or are discouraged, they may have nothing left to give to you to assist you in feeling better. It is up to you to change your mood around for yourself and for those around you. This is spiritual maturity.

Others are not thinking about you in a negative way. If they have slighted you or hurt your feelings, they may not eve realize it. You are the only one carrying it around most times. So literally drop it and let it go.

You want to change the dynamics of a situation? Shock people by taking the high ground. It will get their attention and can remove a cloud of dissent. It may just feel so good, you can get in the habit of taking the high ground and be someone who stands out as a positive role model.

Be grateful. In any and every situation, be grateful. You are laden with such gifts! Please recognize them. In your ability to be grateful, you perpetuate all of the innate gifts in yourself: Beauty, Love, Freedom, Joy and Peace. And when you perpetuate them in yourself, you perpetuate them in others as well.

If you want world peace, find inner peace and bring it to others one person at a time. This is how a single match can like all the candles in a cathedral and how your spiritual light can uplift the masses.

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