It seems like many of us are a living oxymoron. W spend so much of the human experience searching for True Love and at the same time we expend so much thought energy diminishing ourselves and sabotaging our success.

False modesty and humility, it seems, have been so ingrained in our DNA that it takes a lot to override the compulsion to think ill of ourselves.  We believe that to be humble that we have to diminish ourselves. But humility should be gained from a point of strength rather than of weakness.

Instead of lowering the bar and seeing yourself as worthless, why not see yourself as dynamic AND ALSO… see that potential in everyone else. That is a definition of humility that actually has a positive purpose.

All the people who are looking for Love, may do better to look in the one place that is so difficult to focus on. Why not discover Love from within?  It may sound cliché’ but there really is a well of joy, contentment and sense of fulfillment by realizing one’s own innate potential and making a habit of manifesting it. It may just be the missing link in finding the Love of one‘s life.

It doesn’t feel comfortable to set out to discover Self Love so here is a little humorous technique to try.

When you are alone think of all the Love songs that you have ever heard. Sing them to yourself with one minor tweak. Whenever the word “you” comes up in the song, exchange it for ‘me”. It sounds like a silly game but your brain works by programming. This is a gentle way to profess love for yourself and manifest it, without doing much more than just playing this little song game.

The more cheesy it seems to do this, the more effective it could be to change deep programming within yourself.  To get you started in the game, here are a list of some of the top wedding songs…with a little twist.  Sing these to yourself and make up a lot of your own. And when you have discovered the benefits of doing this, teach the game to your children and others who need to learn the lesson of self Love. Or just share this article with them.

Love Songs

Everything I Do, I Do It For “Me”                  Bryan Adams
Tonight I Celebrate My Love For “Me”         Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flach
“I” Light Up My Life                                      Debby Boone
“I” Got Me Babe                                          Sonny and Cher
“I” Am the Wind Beneath My Wings            Bette Midler
Hopelessly Devoted To “Me”                      Olivia Newton John
Can’t Smile Without “Me”                           Barry Manilow
“I” Will Always Love “Me”                           Whitney Houston
“I” Just Called To Say “I” Love “ME”          Stevie Wonder

Maybe this game will jump start other ways to treat yourself with more respect. Maybe you will cut yourself off when you start to say something derogatory about yourself. Maybe you will stop giving silent agreement for people to make jokes about you.

Maybe this could start a snowball of self love for you. You may start passing on the extra sweets, start eating healthier and taking healthy walks. You can get yourself out of unhealthy relationships and refuse to compromise in so many way. You could move towards the dynamic you that we both know you are! And it could all start with a song!

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