It seems that there are so many people experiencing the loss of someone right now. It is a shame that death has to be marked with such negativity and drama. Death is a natural cycle of life that needs to be celebrated. It is a time when a person is supposedly able to gather up all their energy and naturally slip out of the physical realm into a vibration of existence that is more refined. This vibration is called the astral plane by some but heaven by others.

When one leaves the physical realm, they are merely dropping a coarse casing of themselves that is worn out or diseased.  They then will be operating from their astral body which is a youthful, healthy version of the physical body. The astral body is the same vibration as the astral plane.  So when you are existing on the astral plane, it is as solid and tangible as the physical realm. Except it operates by different laws so that strange things may seem to be there. For example the law of gravity is not the same as the physical realm so people can appear to be able to fly.

People visit the astral plane all the time when they sleep. That is why they fly in their dreams. They visit their friends who have crossed over and now reside there. They actually can have the whole experience of continuing the life they have had on the physical realm if that is what they wish to do. For instance, a married couple who always fantasized about having a dream home, can manifest that on the astral plane. If one partner goes first, that partner can seem to be living in that dream home and waiting for the other partner.

But the truth of the matter is that both of the couple live in the dream home in their astral body. The one person who has crossed permanently is withdrawn from the physical realm.  The one person who is so called “alive” just happens to hold some awareness and do some time in the physical world still. They both have an astral body still so they are always together there. But because of such heavy conditioning on the physical realm that person feels lost to the one who has crossed. They are with them in the dream state. They slip off their physical body and visit them at night.  They understand the process on the other side and both can even have a good teasing laugh about how dramatic the one partner is who is in the physical world and trapped in the illusion of loss.

The truth of the matter is that it is very pleasant to cross over. It is like a celebration, graduation and a revitalization magnified a thousand percent (when done by natural means and not self-inflicted). There is no trauma is crossing. The trauma is held in what happens to bring one to crossing but not the actual experience. It is very pleasant like shedding old skin, being freed from a sarcophagus or inhaling a delightful fresh breath of spring. In fact, it is much more traumatic to be born than it is to “die”.

Our concepts of birth and death were formulated in the dark ages when fear was the optimal form of control. Unfortunately, we have never come out of the dark ages with many of our beliefs. We have just become savvy in our ignorance. We have created so many upgrades in technology that can give us a better life, but aspects of our development have been purposely thwarted to keep us seeped in ignorance. We see this blatantly played out in how different factions insist that there is no climate change and will mandate laws to perpetuate the myth. The same technique was used to phase out the understanding of reincarnation. In fact, the dark ages were marked by the genocide of all those who accepted reincarnation. That is why it is so fearful to talk about, or accept. Many of us hold the memory of being viciously murdered for our simple beliefs. This same fearful memory is held in the silly demonization of tree huggers.

This is the same form of manipulation that has also been used to formulate our concepts of death and the belief of only living one life. Power factions force feed us one life doctrine to maintain control on society.  Even though many people are remembering their past lives, they are demonized if they accept this level of awareness instead of adopting the fear based rigidity of their faith based religion. Many children are coming back to the physical realm with vivid memories of their past lives. They KNOW who they are. That is because our past life records are stored in a vibrational aspect of ourselves that is more refined than the physical body.

Everything that we have ever experienced, is kept in records in a vibrational aspect of ourselves called the causal body. Since it is an aspect of us that we don’t lose when we cross over, we have the same causal vibration as we always do. It is merely our physical body that we drop out of when we cross. Everything that we have ever experienced is stored in our retrieval component called our Akashic records. If you ever have dreams of looking at photos in a book or a catalogue of pictures, your higher self is telling your physical self that you have been reading your Akashic records.

Every event that we hold as emotional trauma is stored in our Akashic records.  The events that seem to happen in your physical life, are habitual experiences caused by something that you stored in your Akashic records. That is why the vibration of the past life realm is called the causal plane. When someone comes to me for a session, I will read their Akashic records to see what the initial cause of the physical dis-ease is. Then I can walk the client through how to release the issue by erasing the akashic record of the trauma. Your physical body is a reactionary to what is held in your causal body. This is the true meaning of the expression from the bible; “as above, so below”.

This information should be common knowledge to anyone who is interested in such things. Many groups have taken much pains to withhold it from the mass consciousness. They have collected it and doled it out in tiny amounts and have charged a fee for the right to know it. Their reasoning is that man is not capable of handling the truth. But in fact, this has created a warped sense of the world that has left people living in fear and creating a lot of drama around the cycles of life; when in fact, every aspect of the cycle of life should be celebrated as worthwhile as the birth of a new baby.

The drama and sadness that is collected from the crossing of a loved one creates this psychic sludge of energy that people have been used to creating and living in. It is like having livestock and never cleaning out the barn and walking through it like it doesn’t exist. This is what is created in the heavy balm of someone passing with the loved ones lamenting and carrying on like it is a natural thing to do. But it is not. The drama of being overwhelmed when someone crosses over, is a conditioned response.

Deaths are traumatic when the person was the breadwinner of the family and their death meant the whole family would be turned out into the street and forced to beg for food. A death of someone was traumatic in the past if you were a woman and your husband died and everything you owned was taken away from you because woman could not own property. A death is devastating if you had one strong healthy son who was caring for the farm and he was struck down. It meant the whole family was doomed.

These are examples of devastating reasons that someone crossing over would be traumatic. These tragedies are stored in our causal body and are triggered upon a present death. Even if it is a good death. Meaning someone who is ready to go. Someone who is going to a better life but is not quite allowed to know it because of societal conditioning and just has to trust that it is so. This kind of death can be a little sad but mixed with relief for the one who is free.

Native Americans have the right idea of the cycles of life. They don’t talk about those who have crossed out of respect for them and because they don’t want to hold them back on their journey. They accept children back into this world realizing that they are their mother and fathers that have passed coming back into to the family in a new body. This is a form of acceptance that is so clean and freeing because it doesn’t create the pulling and drama on any person’s soul journey. It allows them to more freely walk through the cycles of life without any heavy psychic mandates on them.

One of the best gifts you can give someone who is ready to cross is the freedom of your blessings and allow then to go. Many people are held in the nightmare of dis-ease by a selfish or ignorant loved one who won’t allow them to go. They inflict their self-will over the person and keep them trapped in the hellish experience of dying because they are triggered by a past life trauma in their own causal records that brings up a devastating consequence of losing someone. The drama of those who mourn can create an angst in those who have crossed and distract them from their new found freedom. It is like being the guest of honor at a wonderful celebration and all the guests make it about them or spoil it by being in bad moods.

Many people can experience the cycles of reincarnation through their pets. People will lose a dear furry friend and then have another pet show up in the future with a strange familiarity and similar personality to the one who crossed. Because of societal conditioning, this reunion is not acknowledged as a reunion but a pleasant coincidence and nothing more. The original loss is not allowed to be erased with the return of their loved one. This is true of babies as well.

This post may be difficult for some to digest. But the absence of fundamental truth has left this world in a twisted state of confusion devoid of any sense of peace. If this understanding is absorbed by anyone and it brings an end to anyone suffering from loss, then that is less psychic energy for us all to wade through. Or less for some of us to clean out of the barn.

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